Available Products

This is a list of all of the official CMWGE RPG releases, including links where they can be downloaded as PDFs or ePubs, or (where possible) purchased as physical books. Any reviews shown are from external sites (e.g., RPGnet); always check the product purchase pages for more reviews.

Books and Supplements

The Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine RPG (576 pages, 2014)

The core book, containing everything needed to play the game. The digital versions include digital copies of the Quest cards and the Issue cards (below); you do not need to buy these separately.

The CMWGE RPG Halloween Special (135 pages, 2014)

A one-shot "mini-campaign" set in an alternate-universe Soma Village where the Sun is about to die and the school overrun by nightmares from the Halloween World. Includes full mortal-level playbooks for The Headmaster, The Idealogue, The Idol, and The Exchange Student, with guidelines for importing various characters from other books.

Perhaps not advertised enough is that this supplement is also effectively "The Fairy Tale Player's Guide," as it includes a wealth of guidelines for the Fairy Tale genre, for the Illusion Issue, and for the various "Suffer (X)" plus "Never Say Die!" actions.

The PDF includes digital versions of the Halloween Quest cards (below); you do not need to buy those separately.

The Techno Player's Guide (78 pages, 2015)

The complete guide to the Techno genre, including a breakdown of the actions (Discovery, Foreshadowing, Sympathetic Action, and Shock), new XP emotions and a Ritual, and other goodies such as "MP Shops."

Fortitude: by the Docks of Big Lake (374 pages, Oct 2015)

The detailed setting guide to Fortitude, including details on life in Fortitude, as well as details on the Shrine Families, the Rats, and others.

CMGWE RPG Christmas Special (26 posts, Dec 2015)

A one-shot similar to the Halloween Special, but designed to be more easily dropped into an existing game. Set in the Walking Fields in a Christmas-centered settlement area, and also the strange city of Nix, where time is frozen and Christmas must not come, or else it will mean the death of the people living there. The players have the option to either save Christmas or maybe even destroy it.

It also includes a wealth of guidelines for the Techno genre, how to perform sabotages and heists, 'Site Issues', and several different types of MP Shops.

Fortitude: the Legendary 139 (71 pages, November 2016)

A mini-expansion for Fortitude: by the Docks of Big Lake, detailing a group of special refugees.

Fortitude: the Glass-Maker's Dragon (564 pages, September 2017)

A complete campaign for CMWGE, including playbooks of the important characters. The digital version includes digital copies of the campaign's Quest cards. There will be a printed version.


CMGWE: Quest Cards (149 Cards, 2014)

Every quest from the core book, plus a bunch of blank ones to make your own. The digital version of this is included with the core book, but if you want physical cards they must be ordered separately.

CMGWE: Create Your Own Quests! (71 Cards, 2014)

These are just the blank quests from the Quest Cards above, so you can make your own. If you order the full Quest Cards set, you do not need this as well unless you want extra blanks.

CMGWE: Issue Cards (75 Cards, 2014)

A card for every Issue (at every level) in the game, plus a few spares for the ones that you write on. The digital version of this is included with the core book, but if you want physical cards they must be ordered separately.

CMGWE RPG: Halloween Cards (26 Cards, 2014)

All of the quests from the Halloween Special, plus a few signs and extras. The digital version of this is included with the Halloween Special, but if you want physical cards they must be ordered separately.


Fable of the Swan (217 pages, 2012)

The story of Jasmine Apocynum, the Ideologue! Salute, Apocynum!

This novel, released far in advance of the actual game, gives insight into the nature of School, Lee Scathing, the seals beneath the School, and more. It's also a heck of an entertaining read!

The Night-Bird’s Feather

Latest News: Draft written, waiting for editing (07/2016)

No information known; presumed to be a Warmain novel, similar to how Fable of the Swan is a Deceiver novel.

Future Releases

These projects are still "in the pipeline." They have all been confirmed by Jenna but are, of course, subject to change. Each has a "Latest News" line with the most recent update on its progress.

Book of Golden Hours

Latest News: Being gone through (06/2017)

A book collecting all 24 official miraculous Arcs, detailing their powers and giving advice on understanding what they're about, with updates and revisions to the 12 Arcs in the CMWGE core.

Town & Environs

Latest News: Ready for layout (12/2014)

An art book that acts as a simple guide to Town. A preliminary draft is available to Kickstarter backers.

Fortitude: Adventures on the Far Roofs

Latest News: Being written (07/2016)

A setting book expanding the Far Roofs of Fortitude, where the rats battle Mysteries.

Fortitude: Against the Mysteries

Latest News: Campaign outline might be ready (07/2016)

A ready-to-use campaign book set on the Far Roofs, most likely as an Immersive Fantasy game.

Fortitude: An Age of Innocence

Latest News: Probably will be written after the Horizon books (07/2016)

A campaign about "I wish Jade Irinka hadn't died".


Latest News: Written (07/2016)

Originally envisioned as a Horizon campaign, but might end up being a short book.

Horizon books (setting and campaign)

Latest News: No work done (07/2016)

Detailed setting guide and campaign to Horizon, as with the Fortitude books.

Puppy Force

Latest News: No work done (07/2016)

Campaign. Pets must step forward after an alien invasion takes Horizon’s normal Main Characters out of play.

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