The Sea Outside

There is a vast sea of chaos. From the decks of the sun, you can see it stretching out before you, water in all directions. From up there, that's all there is. When the Angel of the Sun fell and the Outside boiled over and flash flooded all of Existence, nothing else remained.

Is that what's really going on? Is unformed potential really water? Does all of existence lie just beneath the surface, drowned but still extant? Or is this all just an unusually solid sort of metaphor?

I don't know, but it's probably that last one. I mean, if you made me choose, I'd say that this nautical overworld with its waves and boasts, islands and storms, is just a sort of mass hallucination representing fundamental inner truths in ways that are comprehensible to the mortal mind.

But then, I might say that about actual external reality too, so….

For all practical purposes, the Outside is a real physical sea of slightly oddly-colored water. On the surface, it generally has the Region Properties of the Near Outside, but currents of strangeness and confusion can drag you further and further from the sun's light and, therefore, "deeper" through the levels. Diving deeper into the water also allows you to descend through the levels, depth coming with further and further abstraction and awful discomfort.

The Sea Outside is sprinkled with islands, edifices, and stranger things besides. Some (like the Pharos) are things of the world that refused to remain drowned. Others are Rider-places, Bleak Lands inhabited by World Enders and Practical Magisters. Some are just ephemera, places that have no reality of their own, thrown up by the Sea.

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