The Inimitable Solar Engine

The Properties of the Inimitable Solar Engine are:

  • You must reconcile the divided and the antithetical.
  • You must keep things in good order.
  • Your emotions must have a tangible impact on the world.
  • The lake must be tranquil.
  • You must see far, and see clearly.
  • You must have a talent for expression.
  • A terrible beauty must reside in everything, though it may hide beneath the surfaces of things.

High above everything, the sun shines; a great flying engine that illuminates the waters of Outside in all directions. It is a vast baroque artifice, all gleaming brass and walkways; a grand nuclear mechanism moving across the sky, pushing the waters away with the pressure of its light.

Its captain is Raven Irinka, the Angel of the Sun; unable to touch the world below, he is forced to remain above the drowned world, aloof from the Armageddon below.

Reaching the Sun

The sun seems to hang high over what is left of reality. Flying there, by your own power or in a vehicle, is impossible. It is as far from the world as anything can possibly be, and reality conspires to keep you from ever reaching it.

You can get to the sun, if you have help, though. Sometimes the solar engine will drop a glittering golden line down into the waters and haul up the brave or the predestined or the needy and bring them aboard. Sometimes you have a choice and can grab the line as it goes by. Other times, it will catch you up, sinking a golden hook into your wishing heart and hauling you out of the world you once knew.

Trying to fly to the sun is usually a Wicked Action.

You know you shouldn't do it, that it's pride or stubbornness or madness driving you onward. You do it anyway, losing yourself in a wild delirium of flight and struggle.

Trying to fly to the sun is sometimes Never Say Die!.

You struggle against impossible odds, the very laws of reality are writ against you. But you keep fighting until there's nothing left. And then, you fall.

Grabbing a golden line to be carried to the sun is often a Decisive Action.

You tell the world that you're ready to go an adventure and you grab the line, and nothing is ever the same again.

Having your wishing heart caught by a golden hook is sometimes (Suffer) Transformation/Metamorphosis.

Your heart is touched by golden light. That changes you.

Being drawn back up to the sun after a mission is usually a Transition.

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