Raistlin Kriz


To look at this person is to see what is clearly a rat wizard. That is to say he looks like a Final fantasy black mage with a tail ilking out the edge of his robes to prove he's not some random Jawa.("And the next person who says that gets a fireball!") He comes from the noble kriz line of scholars which puts his training abit off by rat standards. He never learned to used the sword for example("Its forbidden to my class! I can only use daggers Quarterstaves and Crossbows!") but what he lacks in standard skills he makes up for with an idiom that tries to mix pulp scholarly tropes("It belongs in a museum!") and a mix of fictional and mythic wizards.

Young Childhood

Bouncing around from family member to family member learning our ancient ways. Like from my Great great great great great great great great great great great great great grandfather(who is immortal from drinking from the Holy grail) who fought in the Cat wars.


Littermates: None Quality over Quantity! Generations of interactions with all sorts of artifacts and spirits may have altered us slightly.

Other Litters

Younger siblings are wierd, they are all small and not doing things yet but they will!

OF course I have half siblings

* I mean Seduction is all part of the adventuring Scholar thing. I probably have human half siblings! Or vampires! Not fox Eared people, because obviously fox and rat ears would be one set of ears too much!.

Extended Family: the Kriz

  • We are related to the the Kings of old, its written down in a book. Its one of those Old time books that's not printed and written on the skin of sheep inlaid with Gold and gems.
  • We explore! We are the ones who have maps to the places you want to go!
  • We know stuff! When you need to know what the name for friend is in Elvish to get inside the Mountain that's our job.

Roleplaying and Magic

  • There is a club that gathers from Throughout town to play Rpgs from Earth.
  • But there's a secret inner circle. I'm part of it!
  • We get real ultimate power from our characters. I Have D&D magic! Though all normal vampires seem to hate Ravynshade because he unlocked Tremere somehow.


  • They tried to teach me stuff I already knew at the Academy, and I never once developed an eternal rival who would continue on until our Deathbeds. It was over all an underwhelming experience.


I am Scholar like my Ancestors before me! And I am a wizard! I cast the Spells that make the people fall down!


  • Superior Fortitude Rat 2
  • Superior Adventuring Scholar 2
  • D&D Magic 3
  • Gaming 1
  • Way of the Sword -2


  • Rooftops of Fortitude 1
  • Rats of Fortitude 1
  • Town Rpg Society 1

Mystic Arcs

  • Wounded Angel 3
  • Reality Syndrome 0


  • Bond: As someone who learned real spells from my spirit-guide “Game Master” when my RPG character reached 9th level, I have to learn them from imported RPG supplements, re-memorize them once cast, and roll dice for their effects. I may lose my magical abilities temporarily if convinced they are not legal in these circumstances or while updating to a new edition

Mystic staff: This is an accessory that grants the user access to a 3 point miraculous willpool for purposes of casting magic.

Emotion Xp: (Overacted)Shiver of wonder/terror.

Basic Quest: It belongs in a Museum!

Current Quest: Adventure Get!

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