Casting Off Your Skin

A Storyteller, Mystic or Shepherd Arc


QUEST: A Heavy Burden [35 or 25 XP]

Storyteller 1: You're involved in something new and exciting!
Shepherd 1: You are living your ordinary life, and a responsibility falls on you.
Mystic 5: You struggle to be a better person and make things right.

QUEST: A Crisis of Confidence [35 or 25 XP]

Storyteller 2: You're taking charge of a situation!
Shepherd 2: Your life is getting complicated, and you try to keep it on an even keel.
Mystic 1: You feel portents. Something is coming.

QUEST: Nightmares [45 or 20 XP]

Storyteller 3: You're stuck in a confusing mess!
Shepherd 3: Something haunts you from your past; you have a chance to make it
Mystic 2: You are courted or tempted by an opposite number.

QUEST: Ordinary Moments [45 or 25 XP]

Storyteller 4: You're rising above your limitations, to chase or acquire some goal.
Shepherd 5: You're becoming a new person.
Mystic 3: Your life is a mess and you try to hammer out a way forward (you fail, and lose control of the situation).

QUEST: Confronting Your Limitations [35 or 20 XP]

Storyteller 5: You're facing hard truths about yourself and your world.
Shepherd 4: You face a major challenge or adventure.
Mystic 4: There is a hole in the world or your life, created by a real thing, and you need to deal with it.

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