A Life Well Lived

A Miraculous Shepherd, Aspect, or Otherworldly Arc


This quest set is about seeing your own life reflected in the lives of the people around you, and finding a way to become more comfortable through your interactions with others.

A Life Well-Lived involves choosing an Apprentice of some kind; in a Shepherd Arc, you will meet them in your first quest, whereas in an Aspect or Otherworldly Arc they won't usually appear until your second (although they could make an appearance earlier). This Apprentice may not be literally younger than you, but you'll feel the need to help them out and teach them a few things, until they're ready to stand on their own.

As a Shepherd Arc, you begin with A Symbolic Adoption, meeting and befriending your Apprentice. You then Help Someone Find Themselves, teaching them a few things about your life. As you do, they become ensnared with your own life as you are Falling Into Old Habits, which ends up with you Facing Your Nightmares. Sometimes, after this is done, you will be Taking Up A Cause, vowing to help your new friend and be a part of their life.

In an Aspect Arc, you begin by Falling Into Old Habits; in this case, you're usually bringing back something that you had forgotten or let slide as you face a new case. From there, you move to Helping Someone Find Themselves, meeting your Apprentice, and after teaching them you formally grow closer in A Symbolic Adoption. From there, you follow Facing Your Nightmares and Taking Up A Cause, just as in the Shepherd variant.

As an Otherworldly Arc, things move quite a bit differently. You begin by Taking Up A Cause, finding something that really matters, and then start Helping Someone Find Themselves as you train others involved in your cause. Falling Into Old Habits denotes you growing uncertain about your cause, and then you are Facing Your Nightmares. Finally, A Symbolic Adoption formally binds you to your cause or reconciles with the enemy that you've overcome.



1: Shepherd
3: Aspect
5: Otherworldly

B: Helping Someone Find Themselves [20/35]
Shepherd 2: Your life is getting complicated, and you try to keep it on an even keel.
Aspect 2: You're presented with the option of another way of thinking.
Otherworldly 2: You are on a scary or difficult path, trying to resist turning back.

C: Falling Into Old Habits [25/35]
Shepherd 3: Something haunts you from your past; you have a chance to make it right.
Aspect 1: Something is holding you back; you need to push past it.
Otherworldly 3: Something is trying to make you into something else.

D: Facing Your Nightmares [25/40]
Shepherd 4: You face a major challenge or adventure.
Aspect 4: You have an epic struggle with something terrible and supernatural.
Otherworldly 4: You've lost a key part of yourself, and try to get it back.

E: Taking Up A Cause [25/45]
Shepherd 5: You're becoming a new person.
Aspect 5: You are lost in the dark, and must find your way home.
Otherworldly 1: Dreams and otherworldly experiences connect you to something beyond you.

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