The Old Prince And The Pauper Scam

Bonus XP

There’s something you’re trying to do or be. It’s probably even a good thing!

… but this quest comes with a psychological or social burden — a private cross to bear. Something you can’t handle as well as you like to pretend. Something you have trouble processing. When you’re saying or emoting this to everyone … .

  • I am Nicodemus III, Prince of the Rats!

Some deeply- or shallowly-buried part of you is actually thinking this:

  • "This isn't me! What am I doing?!"
Create or pick out a two-sided sign: one side is your public face, the other shows your hidden thoughts. You can earn a bonus XP at any time (though only once per 15 minutes/scene) by expressing that emotion — normally, by holding up the sign.

The back side of the sign reminds you of your flaws. If you’re not playing in a place where you can actually hold up the sign, it’s OK to just remind yourself quietly of what it says, or, if you must, ignore the back side in its entirety.

I am Nicodemus III, Prince of the Rats!

("This isn't me! What am I doing?!")

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