Pinion Of The Cormorant Queen

This rat-sized flute is a gift from the bird spirits, crafted from a feather.

You might earn this Perk by doing an exceptionally good deed for the birds or in the service of bird spirits, saving the life of a bird spirit, or in any other situation where the Cormorant Queen might bestow upon you her favor. For example: Remy Chiaroscuro received the Pinion of the Cormorant Queen as a reward for unmasking the Cuckoo Prince that lurked within the Court of Feathers (or so he claims). That no Cormorant Queen or Court of Feathers appear in any of the Rolls of Gods, Spirits, or Demons kept in Town is irrelevant.

In addition to acting as a +1 Tool when trying to impress birds and bird spirits, the Cormorant Queen's Pinion grants the Magical Skill Bird Calling 1 (the Tool bonus applies to this skill's actions). You can use this skill to call a bird to act as a mount, a bird spirit ally, or even the Cormorant Queen herself! (I'll do a full write up later).

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