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Dairy, journal, place to store odds and ends! This is scrapbook serves as a dumping ground for anything and everything 'Danny' that shouldn't belong on a character-sheet-as-rules-reference.


Keeping track of an uncountable horde of demons can be tough! Here are the ones Danny has met so far.

  • Second Lieutenant Maeleccira: Four hands, all of which she uses to facepalm at her subordinates' antics.
  • Squad Brimstone: For every barrel, there has to be a bottom. In the barrel that is Hell's 4th Legion, that role is less-than-ably filled by Squad Brimstone, who are assigned all the most dangerous tasks: forlorn hope, mine removal, being a distraction and so forth.
  • The Pack: an unwashed, fluffy and entirely friendly trio of Hellhounds utterly obsessed with the rule of threes. Spot, Fido, and Cerberus Jr. have three heads, three eyes, and three cases of brimstone flavoured dog breath. These loyal guardians are excellent trackers, and big enough to ride!
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