Therese Sterling

The Ghostly Seeker

XP Emotion: Aww!

Will: 1/8
Miraculous Will: 3/3
MP: 4/5
Health: 2 Normal, 1 Tough, 2 Divine

Academic ability: Great
Athletic ability: Average
Age: 16 at time of death
Blood Type: A+
Favorite foods: Coq au vin, quesadillas, mussels, shortbread, peaches.
Animal: Hare


Ghost Magic 3 (Base level 2, +1 from Perk)
Observant 2
Errand Runner 2
Earth Science 1
General Nerdiness 1
Hard-Boiled -1


+1 to Ghost Magic (total level 3)
Bond (2): I have a powerful hunger for any kind of knowledge.
(Connection) Sarah Johnson 1
(Connection) Colby Sharpe 1


Current Arc Trait: Immortality

Since she's a ghost, Therese is already immune to most physical damage. Spiritual damage can still get to her—she can be hurt, badly damaged, even torn apart and eaten again… but somehow, it never really sticks. When no one's looking, she'll come back.

She'll always come back.

Renegade 3

Magical Hero 0


Unspent misc. XP: 2

Current Arc: Magical Hero
0 Quests completed

Basic Quest: Inner Struggle (6/9 XP)

Therese did not see her own death coming, and, though she tries to put on a brave face about it, she constantly worries that something horrible will blindside her again. When she says "It'll be fine.", she's really thinking, But what if it isn't?

Quest 1:

Mental Training (5/24 XP)

Major Goals
The HG can award you 3 XP towards this quest:

  • In the unlikely event that you witness a toad swallowing a stone containing 1+ worlds, or do so yourself;
  • When grief or some monster haunts you in your studies;
  • When something corrupts you or is eating you slowly;
  • If you get the chance to use your increasing knowledge and diligence to help on a major research project;
  • If financial (or other pragmatic) reasons not to continue this training raise their heads

Quest Flavor
1/chapter, you can earn a bonus XP towards this quest when:

  • you travel strange roads through campus
  • you’re discovered sleeping on your books (?)
  • you join or do things with a strange group of students
  • you study something in nature
  • you build a project with 1+ other students
  • you study or discuss your studies with 1+ friends
  • there’s a montage of classes, term papers, tests, and/or other studies-related stuff
  • you reflect on or discuss a bit of poetry

Quest 2:

Gold Quest Miracle (4/9 XP)

Therese is trying to connect herself to the mortal world and to affect it. Every 15 minutes/page-and-a-half, whenever she's doing this and things get over the top somehow—whether through her actions or the consequences of them—she can raise her quest sign and earn an XP towards this quest.
Goal: the skill Superior Poltergeist 2, which lets her interact with the real world and do poltergeist stuff, but also makes her partly visible and tangible.

Quest 3:

Investigating the Monster (1/15 XP)

Major Goals:
*Protect it from an external threat while staying hidden yourself.
*Follow it home and slip into its dreams. (If it even dreams.)
*Definitively say that it—no, she—is innocent in all of this and deserves your help.
*Get so caught up in looking at her as a mystery that you lose sight of her as a person.

Quest Flavor:
*Investigate a lead on the monster or its apparent interests.
*Propose a theory about the monster, or what its existence implies.
*Freak out about its existence or a discovery you've made about it.
*Research things you think it could be, like various types of undead.
*Attempt to lure it in with magic or study its reaction to the supernatural.


Hero 1

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