Sarah Johnson

The Fertility Goddess

Name: Sarah Johnson
Character Concept: Young goddess of fertility and agriculure
Age: about 14
Blood Type: O-
Favorite Food: Quiche, bread dipped in olive oil and grapes
Academic Ability: Okay
Athletic Ability: Okay
Animal: Giraffe

Will: 6/8
MP: 5/5
Health: 2 Divine, 1 Tough, 2 Normal
XP: 6 in Basic Quest. 13 in Keeping a Good Place.
Issues: Calling 2, Hero 1


Superior Affinity to the green and growing things 3
Cooking 2
Empathy 1
Letting Go -1
Superior Land-rule 2
(Perk) Connection to Neil: 1
(Perk) Connection to Therese 1

Arc Powers:
Unnatural Action She can emote with the trees, flowers and other green plants

Scry Spy within greenery as an Imperial miracle, can spend MP to speed it up

Digest She can eventually eat and digest anything

Bindings Imperial Miracle, after conversation she can bind someone’s strivings to gain new traits

She has bound Therese and gained a power to grow a barrier of thorns that separates the guilty from the innocent

She has bound Mr. Sharpe and gained healing tears

She has bound Tanya and gained Superior Science 2

Shared Witness Those she bound can emote to her

Distant Mood She can help those she has bound by granting a level 2 Bond to “Grow, live and strive”. 1/book she can use 2-3 wishes to help those she has bound

Evocative Transformation An Instrumental transformation 1/book

Keeper of Gardens;
The World Like Clay She can mold her gardens using her normal skills

Land Rule She can move skill points into the Superior Land Rule Skill

Toxic She secretes fertilizing pollen represented as a Bond 2

Guide She can create guides for her Gardens

The Great Magic Sarah can alter the properties of her Gardens by taking a Wound

Element: The green and growing things
Principle: Strivings/Growth

Affliction: Plants grow where she walks
It’s like a home to me: Her Garden
Connection: Neil 1
Connection: Therese 1

Bonds & Afflictions
Affliction: Plants grow where she walks
Bond: Fertilizing pollen 2

A sweet good natured kid, she resonates with the green and growing things of the world almost as if they were one and the same. She constantly seeks to grow and to encourage the healthy growth of everyone and everything she can. Her favorite foods are quiche, bread dipped in olive oil, and grapes. She loves gardening and taking care of things, even things that normally are a threat to the plants she loves. Her biggest flaw is that she does not like to let things go. Bad things hang over her and can drive her into depression. Her favorite academic subject is biology. Her favorite athletic activity is track and field.


Current Arc: Keeper of Gardens

XP Emotion: Thumbs Up

Current Quest: Keeping a Good Place (Dramatic)

Basic Quest: Theorizing about what all this weirdness means for her precious growing things, (Paradigmatic)

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