Neil Malakh

The Angelic Teacher


Name: Mr. Neil Malakh, or Nelchael
Character Concept: Literally Angelic Maths Teacher
Age: Seemingly 30
Blood Type: O+
Favourite Food: Biscuits and tea
Academic Ability: Great
Athletic Ability: Okay
Animal: Bee

Will: 8/8
Miraculous Will: 3/3
MP: 5/5
Health: 1 Divine, 2 Tough, 1 Normal

Calling 1


Superior Holiness 3
Superior Mathematician 3 (Mr. Malakh's grasp of mathematics is inhuman and perfect, and his explanations of his theory will come across as so.)
(Arc Perk) Superior Wings 2 (Mr. Malakh can fold them into his human vessel or take them out at any time. Also, these wings are made of brass and crystal and have eyes on them.)
(Perk) Shine 2
Teacher 1
Bureaucracy 1
(He finds it soothing)

(Perk) Bond (1): I am driven to share the wonder of the world.

Connection (1): Sarah Johnson (Cut from the same metaphysical bread- I'm sure that's how the saying goes.)


Current Arc: Storyteller (Creature of the Light)

XP Emotion: Speechlessness

Basic Quest:
Work and Study (0/19)
Whenever Mr. Malakh explains away whatever he's doing as "preparing for a class", he can gain XP

Quest 1:
A New Job (3/21)
Major Goals (5 XP)

  • You uncover a secret fighting tournament (possibly actually just a bridge/dice tournament or something) related to the job;
  • You make a new friend, often a troubled kid, overburdened and meek person your own age, or kitten;
  • You use the first (or other long-awaited) money from the job on an unexpected expense for someone else

Minor Goals (1 XP)

  • the school struggles with money
  • the authorities fail to understand your problems
  • an enemy appears!
  • an older mentor explains the dizzying scope of the work
  • you’re transfixed with interest in something seemingly completely unimportant, but related to the job
  • that unimportant thing comes into play sometime later on

Unassigned XP: 0


Otherworldly (Child of the Ash)

Element: The Inhumanly Perfect Numbers Behind Reality aka Physics (but conceptualised as a crystalline and brass machine-structure thing)
Mood: Productivity
Kaiju Form: intersecting, turning wheels of brass and billions of crystalline eyes and burning wings and slender, insectoid, grasping arms

Set the Mood
0 MP—given time, you can evoke a certain mood. 4 MP—you can invoke this power with a word
"Things Become More And More Productive" becomes a Region property, to be replaced with "Things are fairly productive" when the mood is achieved

0 MP—1/book, invoke a “[Mood]-splosion” 4 MP—use this power a second or later time in a book
" I wish this [[ situation/place/thing ]] would be full of energy, productive and busy!"

Wicked Mode
Instead of making things "productive and energetic", Mr. Malakh can make things "perfect and restrained" by buttoning his jacket and straightening his clothes out.

Kaiju Form
0 MP—become a kaiju over the course of several minutes 4 MP—become a kaiju instantly
After a few minutes, Mr. Malakh can drop the facade of humanity and become a glorious, inhuman angel of turning wheels and brilliant crystalline eyes.

This doesn't really help most of the time, though. Because this side of reality is not where angels are supposed to be.

Mortal Form
0 MP—1/book, between two chapters, revert to your non-kaiju form 1 MP—switch back a second or later time per book 2 MP—switch back mid-chapter (over the course of a few minutes) 4 MP—assume your non-kaiju form instantly
Usually, the angel of Maths would need to reconstruct the human vessel from dust and dirt and then pour itself back in.

Shed Scales
0 MP—starting mid-scene, adjust your kaiju form’s scale 1-2x/scene 1 MP—starting mid-scene, adjust your kaiju form’s scale an additional time 2 MP—starting mid-scene, adjust your kaiju form’s scale as often as necessary this scene 4 MP—adjust your kaiju form’s scale as often as you’d like this scene.

Storyteller (Creature of the Light)

Access to miraculous will when engaging in an obsession (possibly doing paperwork) or in a chosen situation (maybe when teaching students)

Well Lit
0 MP—obtain the best reasonable lighting 1 MP at Arc 0—declare lighting out of nowhere
Can invoke dramatic lighting

The Auctoritas Magister
0 MP—starting mid-scene, swathe 1-2 actions in the Auctoritas Magister 1 MP—starting mid-scene, swathe an extra action in the Auctoritas Magister 2 MP—starting mid-scene, swathe yourself + your actions in the Auctoritas Magister 4 MP—swathe yourself + your actions in the Auctoritas Magister
Auctoritas up to arc rating (1)

0 MP—1/chapter, appear to someone you have a Connection to 1 MP—use this power a second or later time per chapter 4 MP—appear in seconds instead of minutes, or even less than that if dramatically required
Mr. Malakh can dramatically appear to anyone he has a Connection to, and then disappear dramatically at the end of a scene

0 MP—1/book, transfix those around you with your mundane actions 4 MP—do so a second or later time per book

Knight (Allegory)

Role: Angelic Teacher
Failing: Faith
Truth: "I help maintain the structure of numbers behind reality."

Somebody Else's Problem
Level 2 Obstacle in the way of noticing Mr. Malakh when he doesn't want to be noticed

A Legendary Weapon
- 0 MP—1/book, invoke your great weapon - 4 MP—invoke your weapon at another time
Mr. Malakh can instantiate an extension of his body as a legendary weapon, and he usually uses it to fuss with the numbers behind reality, making it so that the gravity isn't so strong and the basketball makes it into the net or something.

Wonder Worker
- 0 MP—1/book, invest a mundane action with miraculous effect - 1 MP—do so a second or later time per book - 2 MP—do so a second or later time per chapter
When working as a teacher, Mr. Malakh's actions are invested with miraculous efforts and the intention is treated as a miracle

A Tangled History
- 0 MP—invoke A Tangled History 1/book - 1 MP—invoke A Tangled History a second or later time per book - 2 MP—invoke A Tangled History a second or later time per chapter
"I wish I had detailed personal experience with that" - claim that you were around for something

Mechanisms of Transport
- 0 MP—claim a new mode of transportation 1/book - 4 MP—do so a second or later time per book
Mr. Malakh can claim new modes of transports as a level 2 Superior Skill perk

- 0 MP—over the course of a few minutes, awaken the inanimate 1/book
- 2 MP—awaken the inanimate a second or later time per book
- 4 MP—do so immediately
"Invoke Awaken to rouse the inanimate to life or an animal to consciousness and speech—calling upon it in the person of your Role, filling it with the energy of your Failing, or whatever else is most appropriate to your character. This doesn’t grant you any special power over the target, but you do start with a mutual level 1 Connection that lasts for the rest of the story and you can withdraw your gift by applying this power again."


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