Michael Li

Michael Li, Exorcist, Spirit-Caller and part-time Qilin.

Michael Li is a premier Daoist exorcist for his age - and really, for any age. Born with natural spiritual potential, Michael trained in the family arts, only to eventually surpass his teachers. He became an enemy to evil spirits, and an advocate for the good, and dedicated himself to maintaining the balance between the worlds. Some saw his more advanced methods as unorthodox in some regards, as he saw those spirits he did not act against as friends, rather than just neighbors, but they had to respect the results the young man had.

However, his training and interaction with the spirit world, prodigious though it was, had a cost to it. Michael's dedication to his art and strange methods of interaction had a side effect. Whether he was unlocking a secret heritage from a forgotten ancestor, or whether the magics and energies he dealt with were changing him in an unpredictable way, he began to develop odd symptoms. When a small opalescent patch appeared on his head, they realized he somehow had become partially Qilin.

Not wanting to risk him being overwhelmed, his teachers sent Michael away, hoping that another place would have a better spiritual balance. Unfortunately… they picked incorrectly. The place he is now is just as rife, if not moreso, with spiritual energy and magic and a thinning veil enough to parallel if not exceed his home. Thus, the changes continue, as Michael feels the obligations of his calling to protect the two worlds from undue interaction and harm, all while considering the change in his nature. But does he mind the change? Or should he embrace it?

-Superior Spiritual Energy 2
-Spirit Magic [Magical] 2 (Pre-specialist bonuses)/3 (Specialist 2 Bonus)
-Flute-playing 1
-Calligraphy 1
-Shine 1
-Bargaining and Negotiating 1

Arc Traits: Specialist 3
-Specialist Skill: Spirit Magic
-Plot Device Categories: Sacred Talismans and Prayers; Spirit Servants
-Secret World: The World of Spirits, Exorcists, and Mediums
-Universal Technique: Summoning a Spirit Warrior

Current Arc: Alluring (Otherworldly) 0
Affliction: I must be able to perceive the Spiritual World
Bond: I stand alone between the Spiritual and the Mundane
Mythic Form: Superior Qilin

Starting Arc: Changes (1/35) (Chuubo Corebook p364)
Major Goals:
-You have a traumatic transformation or dissociation scene in play where your reality gets weird because your true nature is changing or revealing itself.
-You see a confusing vision, nightmare, or premonition of your or someone else’s death.
-You meet and get the chance to help a mysterious child find their way.

Quest Flavor (1 xp once per chapter)
-Wrestling with/expressing nameless feelings of loss that make you act unnaturally.
-Trying and failing to burn things, to light them on fire.
-Getting confused about who and where you are.
-Listening to stories about things that were lost when Jade Irinka died(?)
-Talking with someone about your destiny/nature and what it means.
-Talking wth someone about why there’s such a thing as death.
-Dealing with acne, braces, your period, ear infections, or other annoyingly intrusive elements of physicality.

Basic Quest (1/15): Thinking about spirits, gods, and the Spiritual World.
XP Emotion: Offering You Comfort

Accessory (Enchanted Brush) (+1 Tool)
MP Perk
Superior Unicorn/Qilin 1 (Mythic Form)

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