Helena Williams

The Star Athlete



  • Athletics 4 - You have more trophies than anyone else in Town.
  • A Map in Your Head 2 - You know how to get where you're going.
  • Cinephile 1 - You’re fairly well acquainted with classic films.
  • Knife Skills 1 - You know how to handle a blade.
  • Punctuality 0 - You are not good at getting places on time.


  • Power Up: The Smell of Fantasy
    Your Keen Nose power allows you to smell dreams and daydreams or the scraps left behind upon waking.
  • Affliction: Ogre Jaws (Indomitable)
    You are able to bite through anything with the awesome crushing power of your hidden fangs.
  • Skill Perk: Superior Vitality 21

Quests and XP

Emotion XP: Impressed Whistle XP

Basic Quest: Swamped
You are super busy all the time, what with school, sports, and ridiculous phantasmagoric and monstrous events. And stuff just keeps coming.

Once per scene, when you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed or bored or exhausted or stressed, you can say some variation on “I don't have time for this!” to gain 1 XP towards this quest. When this quest is completed, you gain a Recharge Token.

Otherworldly Quest 1: A New Challenger Approaches
Major Goals

  • you refuse a formal challenge
  • a normal activity turns into a life or death competition
  • you find or are gifted a new competition outfit

Quest Flavor

  • you learn something about your Rival
  • you breakdown a wall or other barrier through sheer force
  • you face your Rival in dreams
  • you speak to the Rival even though no one else sees them
  • your Rival helps you with something
  • you ask someone if losing would be so bads.

Emptiness Quest MIracle: The Bottomless Pit



Curse: The Hunger
When you were a child, you ate an ogre. Ever since then, you’ve been filled with strength and need and hot blood. There is a monster within your flesh.

Paralyzing Fear
Miraculous Action;

Keen Nose
Miraculous Action;

Vitality Bonus

Inhuman Strength
Miraculous Action; Strike +2;

Miraculous Action; Bleak; [XP Action];

Inconspicuous Form
Miraculous Action;


Element: the Air of Victory

Call to Action
Miraculous Action;
You know when the very concept of victory is in danger. When a new plan to implement global participation trophies is ratified or when FIFA decides to go to a “no score” system, you can feel it, like someone walking over your grave.

Scent of a Champion
Miraculous Action;
You can create a sense of being a “winner” or a “loser”. This has no effect on actual success or competitive fitness, someone who feels like a winner could still be horrible in actual practice. Likewise, someone who seems like a loser can be capable, charming, and successful, but it’s hard to ignore the stink of failure.

Eye of the Tiger
Miraculous Action;
You know all about competition. When you look at a person, you can visually interrogate their presence to figure out what things they’re good at, what things they’re bad at, and how their most recent competition went. You can even spot their weaknesses and strengths in whatever their current competitive context is. You can use this power on inanimate objects as well, to see the records of the games played on a football field or the names of those who previously held a trophy. Win, lose, or draw, you can know it with a glance.

In It to Win It
Miraculous Action;
To compete is to be a part of a connected interplay of forces, all bound together by the quest to prevail. You can talk directly to that concept of victory that pervades competitions, shifting the flow of the game, putting your thumb on the scales of blind chance. The team you ask to win gets the benefit of the doubt from the universe, all else being equal. It’s not cheating, exactly, no more than praying before the big game is cheating.

Can't Be Caught
Miraculous Action;
This power strengthens the air of victory. If you're already winning some sort of competition, using this power makes it so that your opponent simply cannot make up the difference. You've cemented your victory, you are going to win this match. But you have to be winning for this power to work, it can only enhance a victory, it cannot create one wholesale.

The Victor’s Edge
Miraculous Action;
It’s Divine Mantle.

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