Colby Sharpe

The Agent

Mortal Skills

Deviant Science Variant 2
Codes and Puzzles 2
Inquiry 2
Explanations 1
Orienteering 1
Be Foreboding and Mysterious -1


  • Sharpe's Somnatic Inducer (Put people to Sleep)
    • Cost:
    • 0 MP—starting mid-scene, invoke this power 1-2x/scene
    • 1 MP—starting mid-scene, invoke this power an additional time
    • 2 MP—starting mid-scene, invoke this power as often as you’d like this scene
    • 4 MP—invoke this power as often as you’d like this scene.
  • Bond (Awakening=3) "I must extract bystanders from danger."
  • Connection 1 - Therese Sterling
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD

Miraculous Arcs and Powers

Awakening 3 (The Master Station)

I'm a Suit! (Unworldly)
Colby Sharpe has a level 2 Bond for catching attention or standing out in some way.

The Master Station Sensory Hub (Second Self)
Colby Sharpe can consult with the sensory hub for environmental and structural sensory data that he doesn't have the training for.

Gadgets (Blessings)

  • 0 MP—1-2x/book, conceptualize one or more new blessings
  • 2 MP—conceptualize a new blessing
  • 4 MP—generate a new blessing for immediate sale

Colby can hold up to 8 Blessings

Potential Tools and Gadgets

  • A “minor blessing” is something that PCs (including you) can purchase for 1 MP.
    • a +1 Tool bonus for something specialized
    • a +2 Tool bonus for something niche
    • a specialized and straightforward miracle (one use)
  • A “major blessing” is something that PCs (including you) can purchase for 2 MP. It has an effect like …
    • a +1 Tool bonus for something useful
    • a +2 Tool bonus for something specialized
    • a specialized, complex miracle (one use)
    • an extremely niche effect (endless)
  • A “legendary blessing” may be purchased for 4 MP. It has an effect like …
    • a +2 Tool for something useful
    • a cool, practical one-use ability

Agent Vanish (Step Away)
After a few minutes, Mr. Sharpe can escape to the Master Station Sensory Hub. Cameras give him a rough awareness of what happens in the area. The scope of his perceptions under this effect covers a decent-sized building or space, usually around a quarter-acre but potentially up to five times that if that makes the boundaries cleaner, and relies on his Intentions—

  • He should probably notice most things openly done and discussed therein, but he must actively pay attention to guarantee that;
  • He isn't automatically aware of secret goings-on, so he must use Skills and overcome any attempts at secrecy to pry;
  • If he is trying to figure out what’s going on in the bigger area around that, it’s not so much impossible as really fuzzy, so overcoming an Obstacle 2+ might help.

Colby can return to the location at a later time, it's faster than leaving but not so fast that others can't accomplish something until he returns.

Costs to sculpt a limited presence from where Colby Stepped Away:

  • 0 MP—invoke this power, 1-2x/book
  • 2 MP—invoke this power a third or later time per book

Hired (Convert)


  • 1 MP—with some setup, enlighten 1-2 disciples/clones/servitors
  • 2 MP—with some setup, have a 1-2-chapter outbreak that enlightens multiple targets
  • 4 MP—have a 1-2 chapter outbreak that enlightens multiple targets without any obvious lead-in

Before the School, Before the Master Station (Old Memories)

  • 1 MP, 1 Surface Wound—gain access to old abilities

Compromise & Integrate (Absorption)

For 2 MP, Colby can take a Deadly Wound and remove an object or willing or defeated living thing to an abstracted place, likely the Master Station Storage Hub.

Colby may keep whatever it is stored as long as the Wound exists. When he re-manifests it, the Wound is removed and re-inflicted as a Surface Wound. If he happens to de-manifest the same (or a narratively identical) thing again while that Surface Wound remains, remove the Surface Wound before applying the new Deadly Wound.

A stored living thing will experience the world from gus perspective but in a confused and dream-like fashion. It will also die slowly—the HG determines the exact rate, although it usually takes between a couple of chapters and a book.

Note: The Deadly Wound typically relates to whatever is stored in the Storage Hub and manifests a power related to it.

Master Station Extension (Deepen the Mystery)

  • 1 MP—spread your spirit through a decent-sized building or space.
  • 2 MP—spread your spirit through a neighborhood-sized area.

Manifested or not, Colby can make a space or area into a quasi-spiritual extension of the Master Station.

  • Mood: Urgency, something is about to happen
  • Special Effects: Green, glowing monitors with a pixellated iris and pupil. The sounds of sensors and printers. A feeling of being watched.

Region Properties of the Master Station

  • Your senses bleed out into the world.
  • You cannot look away from what is happening.
  • You are driven to avert the upcoming disaster.
  • The Master Station is watching.

When the Extension is made, the scope of Mr. Sharpe's perception extends to the area affected, whether he is manifested or not. There’s an Obstacle 1 in the way of observing subtle stuff while he's not de-manifested, though, because his normal bodily senses are somewhat distracting.

This power remains active until Mr. Sharpe chooses to withdraw his perceptions or until a scene he used an XP Action in ends, whichever comes first. When the power ends, he may choose to leave behind the MP spent, “burying” them in the affected area; if he does so, the changes to the place itself will not revert, but he’ll lose those MP from your starting MP. They will not return for 0-2 books, and cannot otherwise be recovered save with Exile (below) or some sort of metaphysical mining operation. It’s up to his character concept what it takes to fix the altered area once the MP return. If he has negative starting MP when a new book begins, he’ll usually take 1+ Deadly Wounds.

The Paperwork Checks Out (Established History)

  • 2 MP—revise a single identity’s place in the world
  • 2 or 4 MP—revise how a group of characters using the same Alternate Identity/Form (or just your base character sheet) fit into the world

Gatecrasher 0 (Witness)

The Witnesses (Initiate of the Hidden World)

  • 4 MP—awaken to a hidden truth for the first time
  • no cost—shelter the hidden world from uninitiated eyes
  • People exist periphery to the paranatural who aren

Specialty: Deviant Science (Specialty, Superior or Magical Skill)

XP And Quests

Emotion XP: Oh, No, Mr. Sharpe is in Trouble!

Basic Quest

Holy Christ!
XP: 4/9
Any-Time Struggle

This stuff is way above Mr. Sharpe's pay grade. Once per scene, he can raise a sign "Totally in Control" but is secretly thinking "#$&*#@!."

Gatecrasher 0-1 (Scientific Adventure)

0/60 XP
0/3-5 Quests

XP: 8/24

This troublesome situation has been dumped in your lap. It bothers you. But it also interests you as… a scientist, or magician, or whatever you are.
There’s something here that wants an exploration by the brilliant mind of, well, you!
There’s a problem here that’s worthy of your talents.

3 XP Actions

  • you fall under the burden of the quest: something explicitly puts the problem in your hands, or you explicitly take it up;
  • you construct some sort of defensive perimeter;
  • you encounter Jade Irinka, the former sun, or the Headmaster of the Bleak Academy;
  • three chapters slip by without obvious IC progress on the quest.

1/Chapter Actions

  • sympathizing with, or assisting, the outcast and the wrong;
  • dreams calling you to a place of danger
  • listening to stories of strange things happening in Big Lake;
  • regaling people with a legend of some epic danger related to the quest-typically a legend invented by your player but occasionally forwarded from previous discussions with the HG;
  • complaining to the other PCs about the progress of your investigations/work;
  • reluctantly allowing yourself to be dragged away from it; or
  • reluctantly allowing others to get involved with it

Mr. Sharpe's Anti-Magnum or How Do I Stop Bullets?

XP: 2/21 XP

3 XP Actions

  • Your prototype, in fact, makes bullets deadlier
  • Get shot. It was going to happen.
  • Meet a new Witness at the gun range (You're pretty sure this town has a gun range).

1/Chapter Actions

  • Mistakenly think someone is armed and freak out about it.
  • Accidentally have a gun on safety when you wanted to use it
  • Spend all night in a viridian laced trance full of equations you only half understand.
  • Inspiration strikes you in the middle of a combat situation
  • Accidentally bring your gun somewhere where it'd be weird to have a gun
  • try to test the anti-gun device with something nearby that isn't a gun
  • Try working on the anti-gun device without the Station’s direct help, with mixed results.

People of the Paranatural Periphery

XP: 2/18

3 XP Actions

  • Your encounter with a cryptic stranger proves useful with your current brush with the supernatural.
  • Convince someone to tell you about their brush with the supernatural
  • You get threatened with a shotgun that bears a whiff of garlic or wolfsbane.

1/Chapter Actions

  • You feel the eyes of someone watching that you cannot see.
  • You swear you hear a warning. Was it the wind?
  • Your reading list catches another's attention or vice-versa.
  • You find a charm, diagram, or other protective measure deliberately placed where you would not expect it.
  • Wait, turns out you were wrong.
  • You give chase to a shadowy figure.

Mutable Stats

Will: 8/8
MP: 6/5


  • Hero 1
  • It Never Stops 1

Health Levels:

  • Normal:
  • Normal:
  • Tough:
  • Divine:
  • Divine:


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