Ashley Breyer

Ashley Bryer


  • Cool +3
  • Superior Tough Like Wood +3
  • Born To The Woods +1
  • Unearthly, Fascinating Guitar +1

Health: 2 Divine, 1 Tough, 2 Normal

Connection: ?

Basic Quest: Human/Alder

Arc Quest: Changes, Fae Version (21XP)
Major (3XP, once only):

  • You have a traumatic transformation or dissociation scene in play, where your reality gets weird because your true nature is expressing or revealing itself.
  • You see a confusing vision, nightmare or premonition of someone else's death.
  • You meet a mysterious child and help them on their way.

Minor (1XP, 1/chapter)

  • You get confused about who, what or where you are.
  • You talk with someone about your destiny or nature and what it means.
  • You talk with someone about why there's such a thing as death.
  • You listen to stories about mysterious things or legends about the fae.
  • You try and fail to change something.
  • You wrestle with your nature.

Bonus XP emotion: Shiver of Wonder/Terror

Arc Traits: Creature of Fable 3: Iconic, Superior Hunter, Cut the Soul, Resemble, Declare, Summons, Blind


  • Shine 2
  • Ignore Minor Circumstances
  • Superior Hunter +3
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