Sergei Lubov

Re: [Chuubo's Recruitment] Horizon School Open Enrollment
First draft of my magical boy.

NAME: Sergei Lubov
CONCEPT: The Matchmaker


Sergei's older sister Katya was the Champion of Young Love during her high school days. He came along on some of her adventures back when he was a little kid, and he displayed early talent in the Lubov family business; matchmaking. On a quest to the Bleak Academy a 6 year old Sergei convinced Jade Irinka and the Headmaster of the Bleak Academy to go on their first date.

When Sergei became an awkward teenager, a lifetime of matchmaking theory, romance manga, love themed misadventures and watching his sister's torrid melodramas left him completely unprepared for real teenage romance. He was awkward, pudgy, shy and a bit of a goof. The first girl he asked out dumped ramen on his head. So Sergei did the only logical thing; he broke into his sister's house and stole her Glorious Cupid Bow. A gift from the gods, the bow could turn stoic ice queens into googly eyed school girls. It's effects on googly eyed schoolgirls; Sergei intends to find out.

Sergei's Role is "The Champion of Young Love." When his sister got married she set aside her Cupid Bow, and Sergei's claim on it follows family tradition. For this age and era he is the divine protector of young, awkward, fumbling first love.

His Failing is "adolescent awkwardness." In spite of his entire family and early life surrounding around matchmaking and vanquishing those who would deny it, Sergei is shy, nervous around the opposite gender, and sort of naive about sex and commitment to begin with. He hasn't even had a girlfriend! He hasn't even been kissed! And when he does, he will most likely have a series of embarrassing failures and trauma before his heart hardens and he gains an adult viewpoint on romance.

His Truth is that he was responsible for setting up The Sun and the Headmaster of the Bleak Academy. His Principle is Love in general.

-Lubov Family Magic (3)
-Matchmaking (2)
-Romance Manga (1)
-Archery (1)
-Poetry (1)
-Talk to girls (-1)
-Superior Cherub Wings (2)


Allegory 2
-Somebody Else's Problem
-Cupid's Bow (pierces hearts with love, makes you fall in love with the next creature you see, or kills those without love in their hearts)
-A Tangled History
-Cupid's Wings
-Awaken the Heart
-Bring to Fruition (curses people to be awkward love struck adolescents, or at least act like it)

Spiritual 1
-Cupid Speaker
-Lay on The Love (boost minor likes into full on loves, and loves into epic romance for the ages)
-Divine Mantle


-Cupid's Shield (miraculous Defense of anyone or thing Sergei has a Connection to)

-Bond (3): I have inherited my sister's powers, responsibilities and enemies

-Connections (My sister Katya, my talking hamster Aitaro, and a current crush, hopefully a PC.

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