A large hulking brute of a student who proves his delinquent bonafides by the fact that he constantly wears a hat indoors.

Also the brass knuckles.

He's done little so far to distinguish himself one way or the other, and nobody has yet heard him speak; the rumor-mill says that that has something to do with the Riders; that they cut out his vocal cords, or that he saw something so terrible as a child he never spoke again, or that they put something in his brain.

The more level-headed students point out that he's probably just mute.

Academics Skill: Below Average
Sports Skill: Awe-inspiring, when he can be bothered.
Favorite Foods: Baloney sandwich, white rice, 2% Milk
Blood Type: O
Animal: Ox
Age: 15
Uniform: The Sun and Stars, Black and Gold

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