Apparently a transfer student, this girl is always seen in a navy sailor fuku. She claims she's just wearing her old school's uniform because there's been some kind of problem ordering her official School uniform, but lots of students say she's just a cosplaying nerd.

Not to her face, though; she's always brandishing a butterfly knife and she clearly knows how to use it. She spends most of her time hanging out with the school's more unsavory types, and so far she hasn't given her name out to anybody, which is why people just call her, "Nameless".

Academics Skill: Unknown
Sports Skill: Unknown
Favorite Foods: Unknown
Blood Type: B
Animal: Rooster
Age: 15
Uniform: Navy and Red Sailor Fuku; apparently she's a transfer student and is wearing her old uniform until School sorts things out enough to give her a proper uniform.

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