Miramie Mesmer

By So, once upon a time, there was Melanie Malakh and a glass dragon and… oh, you've heard of that? Well, what you didn't hear is that when the glass dragon shattered and the Magister of the Bleak shattered and the whole world shattered… and the shards of all of that dispersed and flew away and mingled in with the ever-rushing sands of time.

Sometimes, those glass shards shook out and found their way into peoples' eyes and hearts and minds. Other times, they found other things, and became monsters or abhorrent artifacts. They changed the flow of history, they bent the world. And all throughout history, the darkness of Melanie Malakh spread.

And that's why the Time Knights were created. And that's what they do, sail through time, stitching up the broken bits, making sure everything works as it ought to… making sure the Realitymachs can't have their way: Melanie Malakh, yes, but not just her… mad wizards, genius inventors, evil Lincolns… the Timestream is full of danger.

But that sort of thing… it takes its toll.

Miramie Mesmer has spent a long subjective time as a Time Knight. She's… she's tired. So she took her pension and her alumisteel watch and her WYBAK (her Will You Be Around, Knight? device - It's a time machine which is precisely as big on the inside as you might expect a space-bending time machine to be) and found somewhere and somewhen and somewhy quiet.

She's going to try to fit in.


Age: Apparently 16
Academics: Exceptional in Science and History (if, perhaps, sometimes quite vocally wrong*), Above Average otherwise
Athletics: Above Average
Favorite Foods: Strawberries, apricots, sweet rice dumplings, stew, salt mackerel, yakitori, red tea
Blood Type: A
Animal: Boar


Time Tech 4 - You are a skilled twister of the time stream and a genius technical wizardess.
Grace 2 - You move well, you move quietly, you're good at traditional things, and you look good in formalwear.
Chronoagent 2 - You're a well-trained operative in the service of reality.
Alertness 1 - You're vaguely aware of your environment.
Music 0 - You never really got the chance to practice.


  • Bond: There Are Lots of Crazy Rules Of Time Travel (2)
  • Accessory: The WYBAK Machine (Superior Travelling Through Time and Space)

Miraculous Arcs

Specialist 3

Initiate of the Timestream (Special - Obstacle 2)
You are a member of a secret society of time travelers, chrononauts, and temporal deviants. That's super cool.



Mind over Body

Basic Moves

Plot Devices


Implausible Skill


Epic Move


Emotion XP



Basic Quest

A Tourist
XP: 1/9
Any-Time Melodrama

You are endlessly fascinated by the events of the world. When something or someone catches your attention, you can earn 1xp by whipping out your phone, declaring "Oooooh!" and taking a selfie with the subject of your interest.

Otherworldly 1

Special Circumstances
XP: 9/21

Reality is like the sea. Under normal circumstances, its waves and ripples tend to cancel out - the ducks of the universe float on top, unperturbed by the normal rumbles and ructions of the universe.

These aren't normal circumstances.

Something is happening. Something big.

Major Goals
The HG can award you 5 XP towards this quest when you've:

  • You have a bizarre surreal experience in which you fall to pieces
  • You see a tangible example of what will happen if you do nothing
  • Someone formally gives you responsibility for sorting out the problem

You can earn each bonus once each, for a total of 15 XP.

Quest Flavor
1/chapter, you can earn a bonus XP towards this quest when:

  • Hear and ignore an alarm or ringing phone that's definitely meant for you
  • Shout at someone as if you have authority over them, even if you don't
  • Break a mirror or clock
  • Fall into a body of water
  • Throw away something you don't care about
  • Throw away something important that you can't really afford to lose

Emptiness Quest Miracle

Haunted By Myself
XP: 1/9
Any-Time Setting

When faced with the impossibility and existential loneliness of being a pastless time traveller… don't think about it at all! Instead emote something like "I’m stretching my fingers and watching them go in and out." and get 1xp.

At some point during this quest, a half-real alternate version of you will appear and become more and more real as the quest progresses. You'll probably resorb them once the quest is completed but you might not! Maybe you keep them around as an assistant or release them into the world to live their own life… or kill them or, maybe, switch places with them because they were always the real one after all. Or even date them! I'm not judging!


Something to Deal With 1 - You keep thinking about things you don’t want to think about. It’s uncomfortable. You want to distract yourself from it.

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