Karina Rokuzaki

A Future President

A player character in On The Horizon

Who Are You?


Academics Skill: Straight-A student
Sports Skill: Prodigy
Favorite Foods: Pancakes, Oranje juice, Spices
Blood Type: A
Animal: Tiger
Age: 15

Mundane Skills Description
[2] Student You might not actually learn anything new at school, but you still care to go through the proper motions. Doing otherwise would be a bad example, and wrong.
[2] Sports Sport teams of all kinds regularly ask you to fill an empty position.
[2] Martial Arts You had to learn to hit delinquents without breaking major bones.
[-1] Delegating When you can do anything, everything starts looking like a thing you should do.
[2] Connections

Will: 8/8
Miraculous Will: 3/3
Miracle Points: 5/5


  • -
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Health Levels and Wounds

Normal Levels:    [    ] [    ]
Tough Levels:     [    ]
Divine Levels:    [    ] [    ]


[3] [The Ace] Cool

[2] A childhood friend with a talent for getting into trouble… and no talent whatsoever for getting out of trouble

Experience and Issues

General XP Actions
Sympathetic Action Try to comfort or reassure someone frozen up from emotion, the spotlight or shock!
Foreshadowing You notice that you’re paying a lot of attention to something.
Discovery You’re doing something you’ve never done, or exploring somewhere new and it impacts you!
Reaction Shot Something happens…react to it!
Ritual Participate or react to one.
Transition React to one.

Emotion XP: Putting my faith in you



Genre XP Actions


On-Going Issues
Something to Deal With 1


[3] The Ace
Tireless Karina has a pool of 3 Miraculous Will which refreshes every time she performs a in-genre XP action or shares a scene with someone who does. She can use this Will freely with any ordinary and Superior Skills.
Cool Bonus Karina gets a free Cool perk equal to her Arc's Trait level.
The Ace Invoke the Ace to perform a number of actions depending on MP spent "perfectly", which includes being effective, productive and really impressive; automatically beat anyone's mundane action; and/or execute actions with perfect timing and grace.
Push Yourself Starting mid-scene, use The Ace as if Arc's trait rating was one higher.
Legendary Master Perfectly control every part of your body.
Anime Moment
[0] Become Somebody
The Wages of Sin See the influence of a Failing
Share Experience Understand the part of a person that shares/resembles your Role

My Truth: I like helping people
My Failing: I can't do much being a simple student
My Role: Student Council President


Floating XP: 0

When there's danger, or trouble…
Type of Quest: Chibi, Work and Study
XP: 1/9

Gain 1 XP every scene/10 posts when you explain how what you are doing is helping other student(s). Your cacthphrase is some variation of: "…hopefully that would make {name} happier."

The Refusal of the Call…
Type of Quest: Storiline
XP: 2/35

Completed Quests

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