Ichirou Tanaka, the Gentleman

The Diligent Hero

Ichirou Tanaka

Academic Ability: Decent
Athletic Ability: Workhorse
Blood Type: A
Favorite Food: Jerkies and Sandwiches
Age: 15-16
Animal: Bees and Rats

Mortal Skills

Assembly 2 You're good at cobbling things together or making broken things almost as good as new.
Superior Labor 3
Realism 2 You're reasonably grounded, if pessimistic at times. You might be able to deduce logical consequences of bad ideas.
Bluff 1 You can put a spin on things from time to time.
Lighthearted and Whimsical -1 You're not good at instilling wonder or levity without miraculous help.
Superior Gentleman 1 Your inheritance. Good for deducing etiquette and social circles of the current power structure and for acting more like a gentleman than actual gentleman. This skill also provides Edge in cases where you need to do things like a gentleman (When Using Tough and Scrappy to engage fisticuffs) or project confidence (Bluffing).


  • Bond (Primordial 3) - "I take care of my family."
  • Affliction (It Never Stops!) - "My work attracts the spirits of labor (Steam, Oil, Fire, Metal)."
  • Connection 1 - Chuubo's/Glass Spider - You get along well enough/The first step of your future career.
  • Connection 1 - Suzy Schwan - You don't get what Chuubo sees in her (because Glass Spider), but she's pretty good with him, you guess.
  • Connection 1 - Holly Stark - Your first follower, squeeeeeal.
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD

Relationships and Otherwise

  • Hiroko Tanaka (2nd oldest sibling, eldest daughter): Generally considered the golden child, she's also concerned with money but doesn't kill herself about it like Ichirou. She's a member in the Banking and Mercantile Clubs, so sometimes she winds up under Glass Spider's thrall, sometimes she buys her way out of it.
  • Yelena Tanaka (third oldest sibling, youngest daughter): Yelena's gotten tired of receiving hand-me-downs from both of her older siblings. She enjoys scrounging around for odd materials and making all kinds of things for herself. She's starting her own campaign as student president and is the head of the DIY Fashion Club.
  • "Gene" Tanaka (Youngest child/son): Gene seems to be the most aware of what Ichirou actually does for a living (not the Gentleman stuff, just the odd jobs), probably from talking to rats and the like. He's pretty competitive with all of his siblings, but tends to gun for Ichirou when he can. He's otherwise into violins and boxing, though I don't know how old you have to be to be part of a club.

Miraculous Arcs and Powers

Specialist 3 (12 Labors Society)

12 Labors Society (Initiate of the Hidden World, Level 2 Obstacle)

  • 4 MP - Awaken yourself or another to the hidden truth for the first time
  • The 12 Labors Society is a hidden world of laborers and work spirits who are often tasked with handling extraordinary situations. Their exploits and interactions are often overlooked and are protected by a level 2 Obstacle to notice these things.

Specialty: Superior Labor (Specialty Superior Skill)

  • You’ve traded Tough and Scrappy 2 for Superior Labor 2.
  • At Arc 3 you get a single skill point bonus, giving you Superior Labor 3.
  • You can work through rough conditions and long hours and still work with skill and speed.

Worker's Insight (Understanding, Miraculous Action)

  • 0 MP
  • You’ve got a good idea for how long a task will take, what’s needed, and comparative wages, and can invoke this miracle to know these things.
  • If your employer is keeping mum, you also gain a +2 Tool Bonus when trying to suss out the motivations behind a task you’re asked to perform.

Walk it Off (Mind over Body, Miraculous Action)

  • No cost
  • You’re remarkably tough, this mostly means that:
    • You can resist/mitigate damage from standard work hazards and extreme temperatures.
    • continue to operate despite massive systemic damage
    • survive in a coma when something really ought to kill you
    • By working through another job (using Superior Labor) you can sweat off some of the pain (heal some wounds).
  • You can use mundane skills to disguise or otherwise transform yourself, recognizing you is a level 1 Obstacle. In your case, you can use Superior Labor to change your appearance (covered in ash and dirt, face beaten to a pulp, etc).

Standard Operating Procedures (Basic Moves, Imperial Miracle, Miraculous Action)

  • 4 MP, teach an initiate the move over the course of a chapter
  • 1 MP, perform the move as a Miraculous Action
  • These are a few of the techniques that are ubiquitous of the 12 Labors Society.
  • This power functions as a wish: “I wish most initiates of the hidden world could perform these basic moves.”
    • Shake on It: It's important to ensure you and your employer fulfill your ends of the contract. A simple handshake can bind a sworn oath.
    • Hero of Another Story: Recognize the handiwork of another society member. You can usually tell who made a sword, killed a dragon, or cleaned up an entire battlefield.
  • Anyone in or involved with the 12 Labors Society can perform or at least recognize some variation of these techniques. Some of them might even have better versions of these techniques than you.

Tools of the Trade (Plot Devices, Miraculous Action)

  • 2 MP, claim a new plot device
  • You can have up to 2 categories with 2 plot devices/category.
    • Special Combat Moves
    • Works of Smithcraft
  • Plot Devices expire at the end of a book or when a corresponding Issue resolves.
    • You tend to pick up Combat Moves in the face of Danger (Hero)
    • You always have a tool in hand for your work (Calling)

Right Tool for the Job (Activate, Miraculous Action)

  • 1 MP, activate a Special Combat Move or Work of Smithcraft.

Bonus Payment (Implausible Skill, Miraculous Action)

  • 1 MP
  • Invoke to do one of a number of actions with Superior Labor given a proper explanation of how you do it. For example:
    • Impress an employer/peer with your speed and diligence
    • Clean out a room and find a clue in the process
    • Delay an enemy’s action, by repairing a wall or other obstacle.
  • This can also be done with any skills developed from an Aspect Quest Miracle.

Nemean Wrestling (Counter, Miraculous Action)

  • 2 MP
  • You can use a Special Combat Move or Work of Smithcraft to turn an opponent’s efforts against them (sometimes subject to proper explanation).
  • There’s no guarantee it’ll work the way you want it to.

Herculean Action (Epic Move, Miraculous Action)

  • 0 MP—1/chapter, attempt an epic move
  • 1 MP—attempt an epic move a second or later time per chapter
  • 2 MP—attempt an epic move a second or later time in the course of a few hours
  • Gain a +1 Tool bonus to an action done in context of your hidden world (12 Labors Society) if described as a desperate maneuver.
  • Tool bonus applies to logical continuations of the original move and then persists for a few minutes further

Strength to Undertake 12 Labors (Amazing!, Imperial Miracle at Arc 3+)

  • 0 MP—1/book, make something important and cool
  • 4 MP—do so a second or later time per book
  • Invest a target (person, tool, place, idea, or thing) with infinite narrative potential. It makes it a central feature of the story, or at least, of a story
  • Functions as the wish: “I wish this was really important and great.”
  • Usually has special powers or offers them to the player or everyone.

Become Somebody 0 (The Gentleman)

Truth: I am a helpful person
Failing: I am not inherently whimsical or wondrous
Role: I am becoming the Gentleman, protector of the wounded and worker of wonder.

The Bleakest Vision (Wages of Sin)

  • For 1 MP, the Gentleman can see the loss of wonder and the breaking of dreams in an area.

Wondrous Insight(Shared Experience)

  • For 2 MP, gains a temporary Affliction of Arc Rating (0) where the world will grant the Gentleman insights into those who wish to help people, work magic, or thwart villainy.

My Inner Heart (Your Truth)
A Gentleman No Matter the Customs (Adaptable)
It's Showtime! (Unstoppable)
Inspire Wonder (Commanding Aura)
Quell the Spark (Reject)
I Will Show You Your Inner Gentle(wo)man (Touchstone)

XP And Quests

Emotion XP: Place Your Faith in Ichirou/The Gentleman

Basic Quest

Struggling with the Mask
XP: 2/9
Any-Time Struggle

Hold up a two-sided Sign: "Relax, I've got this/I've no idea what I'm doing"

Become Somebody 1

First Quest: Adventure Get! (Simplified)
XP: 6/12

3 XP options:

  • You stand in a shadowed place and tell someone a secret, then run away before they react.
  • Trouble starts or gets much worse in a well-staged way—whether that’s accidentally walking backwards into an enemy camp, breaking into a supposedly empty manor during what turns out to be a dinner party, or declaring that everything’s fine as long as there aren’t any werewolves around just before werewolves show up.

1 XP options:

  • you discover a secret
  • you express your boredom and interest in adventure
  • you drag someone somewhere they really shouldn’t be
  • whatever trouble’s been dogging you shows up and/or escalates

Side Quest: Putting the Lair Together
XP: 6/15 XP

3 XP options:

  • …are forced to invent a barely believable story as to where you're going with a lot of tools and supplies
  • …have to bring someone into your lair, while blindfolded and/or unconscious.

1 XP options:

  • …come up with a lie to slip away from your comrades
  • …allude to the work you're doing on your lair, but catch yourself in time to cover it up quickly.

Mutable Stats

Will: 8/8
MP: 5/5


  • In Over Your Head 1

Health Levels:

  • Normal:
  • Normal:
  • Tough:
  • Divine:
  • Divine:


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