Henry Oakes

Once upon a time, a Rider came to Horizon. He was one of those Riders that wore an "I heart Town" T-shirt. No one knows why he came or where he was going because when he crossed into the territory of an ogre tribe, they ate him. The End.

Once upon a time, a student at the School named Yuri Peshkov made friends with an ogre. Of course, you and I know that an ogre can't become friends with a human without becoming a human itself. And that is what happened: The ogre entered a chrysalis and exited as a human boy! This might have been "They lived happily ever after. The End", but this new human boy who had been an ogre had been of the tribe that ate the Rider. An ogre stomach can handle such things at Riders, the Bleak, and the Outside. A human boy's stomach cannot. And so, this human boy carries a piece of the Outside in his stomach. Every so often, when he's under stress, or hurt, or head over heels in love, or whatever, a bit of the Outside escapes and turns a bit of the world into a nightmarish Hellscape. It also sometimes happens when he drinks a fizzy drink and belches.

The name of this Rider-eating-ogre-turned-human-boy is Henry Oakes. Henry has enrolled at School in the same year as Yuri. He retains some of his ogrish size and muscle mass, and is much sought-after by the various sports clubs at School. Henry's passion, though, is cooking. You see he also retains his ogrish hunger, but it doesn't seem quite right to eat people (or Riders) anymore. Henry has discovered an entire world of things to eat that aren't people, and he wants to experience and master it all.


Academics: B Student
Athletics: Gifted
Blood Type: B
Favorite Food: It all tastes so good!
Zodiac/Animal: Ox


Iron Stomach 2 Henry can eat many things that would make others ill.
Master Chef! 1 Henry is only just learning how to be a Master Chef!
(Superior) Ogre Prowess 3 Henry is impressively big, strong, and fast.
Pulling. It. Off. 1 Whether it's red cowboy boots, a Hawaiian floral print shirt, or an apron, Henry manages to look confident and fashionable in whatever he wears.
Unworldly Ties 1 Henry can still pass among the unworldly tribes of Horizon. He's still clearly human, but he has "cred".


  • Bond 2: "I must keep the Outside from escaping my insides."
  • Cool 1 - Henry is unrealistically cool.
  • Connection 1: Edony Marguerite De Lolth - friends since Henry was an ogre.
  • Connection 1: Yuri Peshkov - a lonely boy who was bullied a lot. He befriended an ogre because he was a kind, gentle kid who didn't know better. He mistook the ogre's lack of friends for a shared experience of being outsiders. Henry is still fond of Yuri, though they don't have many common interests. Yuri is not bullied anymore because most bullies are afraid of Henry. Yuri has started to blossom a bit, and is starting to make human friends.

Miraculous Arcs

Wounded Angel 2

Dramatic (Imperial Miracle)
Henry tends to appear in any scene where food or eating is involved.

Devices (Special)
Henry gets a +1 or +2 Tool bonus to his Unworldly Ties skill when properly observing the forms that mark him as a former unworldly creature.

Divine Health (Special)
Henry has three extra Divine Health levels.

(Cage for a) Blasphemy (Imperial Miracle)
If Henry takes damage to his last Divine Health level, the nightmarish Outside within his stomach is freed.

Empowered Wounds (Imperial Miracle: 0 MP, 1 Divine Health level, 1/book; 4 MP, 1 Divine Health level, any time)
Henry can bind something to himself, giving himself power, by committing a Divine Health level to the effect. I'm thinking that this is stomach-related. Maybe if he takes a wound to the gut, it jostles his piece of Outside and Something Happens. A spell or psychic attack might react poorly to the piece of Outside within him and Hilarity Ensues. Henry might empower a wound by eating something powerful to capture its power for himself (though that is less in-character than I have in mind—Henry might eat a cursed apple and gain powers, but I don't plan to have him eat antagonists to collect powers like some sort of Sylar from Heroes).

Recover (Special)
Henry stops empowering a wound. He loses the power gained and the Divine Health level may now heal.

The Ace 1

Tireless (Miraculous Action)
Henry has a miraculous Will pool of 3 that can be spent on maintenance-type chores, and on mundane actions so long as he emotes being tired/pushing himself too hard.

Become Someone 0

  • Truth: TBD
  • Failing: Gluttony
  • Role: Master Chef!

The Wages of Sin (Miraculous Action: 1 MP)
Henry can see the influence of Gluttony.

Shared Experience (Miraculous Action: 2 MP)
Henry can tune in to and understand the part of others that loves preparing food.


Hero 2 - You’re a hero. When there’s trouble, head in that direction.

Emotion XP

Putting my Faith in You (with this XP token)


Basic Quest

XP: 3/9
Any-Time Pastoral

Catchphrase: "A Master Chef! must be prepared for anything."

Become Somebody 1

Quest I: Adventure GET
XP: 18/21
Melodramatic Storyline

Major Goals
The HG can award you 3 XP towards this quest when:
[X] Trouble starts or gets much worse in a well-staged way—whether that’s accidentally walking backwards into an enemy camp, breaking into a supposedly empty manor during what turns out to be a dinner party, or declaring that everything’s fine as long as there aren’t any werewolves around just before werewolves show up;
[X] Someone rescues you;
[ ] You stand in a shadowed place and tell someone a secret, then run away before they can react.
You can earn each bonus once, for a total of 9 XP.

Quest Flavor
1/chapter, you can earn a bonus XP towards this quest when you:

  • sneak into somewhere you shouldn’t go
  • risk trouble by digging into somebody’s secrets
  • drag others into your affairs/arrange their lives for them
  • propose a theory about the underlying situation you’re in
  • tell someone a story related to the underlying situation you’re in
  • get into trouble trying to help somebody else
  • risk trouble in the name of adventure!

You can combine this with an XP Action, but you’re not required to.

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[SIZE=1]Putting my Faith in You (with this XP token)
Will 8/8 Miraculous Will 3/3 MP 5/5
Normal 2/2 Tough 1/1 Divine 5/5[/SIZE]
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