Glass Spider

There once was an evil King;
Who was Lord of an evil thing.
Then one day he died,
Up the chimney he flied,
And unleashed on the world his dark sins.

There once was a boy named Chuu-bo;
Whose secrets were darker than you'd know.
When he puts on his mask,
For money he'll ask,
That dastardly Glass Spider, Chuu-bo.

The Student Body Treasurer

Academics Skill: Ordinary
Sports Skill: Ordinary
Favorite Foods: Teriyaki, Ice Cream
Blood Type: A
Animal: Snake-Spider
Age: 15



  • Soulless Artisan 3
  • Obsessive Need for Control 2
  • Magic: Buy Access to the Mind 2
  • Superior Dreamer 1
  • Connection: Glass Spider's Knight 1
  • Perk: Connection: Glass Dog 1


  • Bond: Sin of the First Principal 2
  • Connection: Glass Dog 1

Emotion XP

  • Shake Fist XP


  • Basic Quest: A Hidden Face
    • 1xp/Scene: Flip a sign from ORDINARY BOY to INHUMAN FIEND or vice versa.
  • Blackmailing Your Dog Into Learning Martial Arts
    • 3xp, up to 4:
      • a dog you coached into being your dog's friend betrays them and vanishes, and their broken heart redoubles their dedication to martial arts;
      • the dog accidentally defeats you;
      • the dog stumbles into the seamy underworld of (canine?) martial arts;
      • the crushing realization that you're the kind of person who spends weeks or months training your dog in martial arts really sinks in;
      • you're betrayed and wounded by someone you brought in to help train your dog;
      • the group becomes aware, either through explicit HG declaration or through someone who can communicate with canines, that your dog has sworn (comic or serious) blood vengeance.
    • 1xp/Chapter:
      • training the dog with squeaky stuffed ninja puppets;
      • staking out the dog to gather blackmail material;
      • covert interactions with, e.g., sleazy "martial arts dog shelter" salesgoons while the dog watches in alarm;
      • pretending that the training manuals are too much of a treat to let a stinky old dog read them;
      • slamming the door of a training room behind the dog after the dog gallops in;
      • wrestling the dog, leaving "unintentional" openings in your defense;
      • subtly mourn that "other" dog that "couldn't master the No Shadow Paw;"
      • building elaborate treat-dispensaries that require increasing levels of martial arts skill to access;
      • clicker training.


  • Caught in the Web
    • 0MP - After a few minutes, the scene gains the Region Propertiy You can perceive and adjust Glass Spider's Schemes. People can see the scenarios and connections you've created in your mind, and interact with them - moving around your relationship charts, reading the notes you've made about a situation, and having conversations with imaginary versions of the subjects of your plan, even if you're not paying attention.
    • 4MP - It happens instantly.
  • Putting It into Practice
    • 0MP - 1/chapter, your Plans can become solid and real enough to affect the world - at least a little. This isn't a substitute, for, you know, actually doing your plan… but with this power active you can pull out the costume you planned to make… or the ladder you planned to buy… or any other part of your plan… and use it in the real world and not just in your head
    • 1MP - use this power a second or later time this week
    • 2MP - use this power a second or later time in a handful of hours
    • 4MP - use this power instantly
  • Wishing
    • 0MP - Once a chapter, you can make a Wish and… it happens. Whether that's good or bad depends on a lot of things, but, most especially, on your Wishing Map (See Wishing Map Below).
  • Immortality
    • 0MP - damage or enchantment has only temporary, appropriate effects on you
    • 1MP - you totally recover and shrug everything off 1-2 times mid-scene
    • 2MP - starting mid-scene, you shrug off attacks and other effects like they’re paper tigers
    • 4MP - you’re basically unaffected by the world around you
  • Controlled
    • 0MP - given time, you can make someone/something/somewhere more controlled. This inflicts the Region Proprty - Things Become More and More Controlled.
    • 4MP - you can invoke this power with a word
  • Control-Splosion
    • 0MP - 1/Book, invoke a "control-splosion". This takes the format of a wish like: “I wish this [[ situation/place/thing ]] would just get under control!”
    • 4MP - use this power a second or later time in a book.
  • Unleashed
    • Take off your tie, wrap it around your head, and become Chuubo/Glass Spider Unleashed! Your other powers invert… now when you invoke your mood, instead of getting more controlled, Things Become More and More Wild, Free, and Out of Control. And when you use your powered up version? It's like the wish "Go wild!!"
  • Kaiju Form
    • 0MP - become a giant (snake or spider?) over the course of several minutes
    • 4MP - become a giant (snake or spider?) instantly
  • Get A Hold of Yourself
    • 0MP - 1/book, between two chapters, revert to your non-kaiju form
    • 1MP - switch back a second or later time per book
    • 2MP - switch back mid-chapter (over the course of a few minutes)
    • 4MP - assume your non-kaiju form instantly

Current Status

  • Health Levels
    • 2/2 Normal
    • 1/1 Tough
    • 2/2 Deadly Wounds
  • Resources
    • 8/8 Will
    • 7 MP
  • Issues
    • It Never Stops! 2 - OK, maybe you’ve made some commitments. Maybe they’re getting a little tough to keep. But if you just stay focused, you know, stick to what really matters, and keep moving forward, you’ll totally resolve the whole thing soon. Everything is going to be fine
    • Vice 1 - There’s something you like to do, that you want to do, that you’ve decided to do, and maybe other people don’t think it’s such a good idea, but so what? They just don’t get you.
  • Progress
    • Active Arc: Otherworldly 0/72xp
    • Quests
      • A Hidden Face- 1/9xp
      • Blackmailing Your Dog Into Learning Martial Arts - 11/27xp
    • Unspent XP: 0xp

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