Emily ???

Academic ability:Quick learner
Athletic ability:Agile
Blood type:o-
Favorite food:Everything but junk
Similar animal:squirrel
XP emotion:Wow, that was awesome




  1. cool-1
  2. connection-Miramie Mesmer, the Paradox-1
  3. Power. You automatically sense when someone is in trouble and needs you, if the HG remembers. This power is a miraculous action and comes with free Strike equal to the Arc Trait’s rating.


The Ace-1
child of ash-2 the concrete jungle/excitement/Kaiju Form: giant wind monster


once upon a time there was a young girl named Emily. One day the girl was doing things that she normally does when suddenly things seemed a lot less real. The girl wandered for a while. The girl didn't know how long it was it might have been five minutes or five centuries. After a while things seemed more real but still not quite real so she decided to sit down and rest. After about five minutes(she could tell how long it had been this time.) the girl found that things seemed to be real again. Seeing as it was real she felt that she should get something real to eat because real people get hungry. after walking for a while she came to another real place. It was a large field. The girl remembered her parents told her she had to go to school if she wanted to succeed so she eventually made her way to horizon. The girl asked around about the school. Eventually a woman asked her where her parents were. She said that she hadn't seen them since arriving in town. This obviously made the woman very worried. The woman was kind so she offered to take care of the girl until she found her parents. The woman was a very nice vampire named lily. After about a week with no sign of the girls parents the woman officially adopted the girl because the girl wanted to go to school. Eventually the girl began to develop strange powers. Powers she didn't know someone could have before.


Arc Quests


Finished arc quests

What am I even doing here? XP(!15/15!)
Major Goals
  • You miss an important appointment because you got distracted by something new and interesting
  • Your unexpected skill at something you've never tried before earns you an enemy.
  • You drag somebody out of their comfort zone and force them to do something scary, and it turns out they like it!
  • The same as above, but something terrible happens to them!
  • You are injured because you tried something dangerous without waiting for help to arrive
  • A frightening memory suddenly returns to you.
  • You ask somebody to go to Bluebell Park, and they agree;
  • The world gets strange around you, but you use your skills to guide others to safety.

you can do these once each up to a total of 9XP

Quest Flavor
  • You spend time aimlessly climbing and running across rooftops
  • You see somebody doing something interesting, and ask if you can join/help them with it.”
  • You forget to eat lunch
  • You have to hurry to make an appointment
  • You become very interesting in the minutia of some task
  • you act on false knowledge about something in town.

Side Quests


Basic Quest 2/?9?

Once per scene earn a bonus XP toward this quest by saying “Come on, let’s get going!” or some close variant.


Over Your Head 2 - No. No, no, no. There’s something you’ve forgotten. Something you’ve overlooked. Something that isn’t right. This isn’t what’s supposed to be happening. Look around you. This isn’t right. This isn’t what’s supposed to be happening. It’s a betrayal. Even if things look like they’re going well, this isn’t right. You’re going to have to figure out what to do, what to change, who to trust— And fast, because your instincts are warning you that this could all go wrong.

Code Block stuff

[b][URL="http://chuubo.wikidot.com/oth:emily"]Emily[/URL], The lost girl[/b]
[size=1]Wow! That was awesome
Will 8/8 Miraculous Will 3/3 MP 5/5[/size]
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