Edony Marguerite De Lolth, The Elf 'Detective'


Age: 14, but she looks younger because elves are shorter than humans, so might be mistaken for 12 to her chagrin
Academics: Better than her grades reflect
Athletics: Good at agility-based sports; not so hot on strength-based
Favorite foods: Cheap instant ramen, candy bars (often shoplifted), game
Spirit animal: The cuddly spider

Emotion XP

Sigh. "Oh, Edony."


Superior Elf 2 This skill is useful for being graceful, seeing in the dark, and resisting magic
Love for the Wicked 2 She feels at home among the wicked. They get her
Survive 1 She's had a tough life
Justify 1 She is good at rationalizing her actions — to herself and others
Arachnophile 0 She loves spiders, and actually knows a lot about them. Sadly, this rarely makes her life better
Magical Cloak of Night 2 Your cloak was created by your grandma, who was a very magical woman (goddess? giant spider? all three?). Okay, it was your blanket when you were a child; but nobody takes you seriously if you carry around a blanket. Cloaks look all dramatic, They probably think you’re one of those cool goth kids, or an old fashioned vampire when you wear it. Incidentally, it seems to serve as a focus for some powers.

Cloak Magic:

Anyone could, in theory, use the cloak for the following effects:
[Obstacle 0] Keep Warm
[Obstacle 0] Look mysterious, especially in the shadows
[Obstacle 1] Look cool while wearing a black blanket with a purple spider pattern as a cloak.

The following are unnatural abilities:
[Obstacle 1] Make the shadows around you deeper
[Obstacle 1] Become unrecognizable when you cover the lower half of your face with the cloak.
[Obstacle 1] Stay totally dry in the rain, or cool in the summer
[Obstacle 2] Surround yourself with a smoky haze, and cause (harmless) spiders to scurry around.
[Obstacle 3] Become invisible by completely covering your face with the cloak, so they can’t see you
[Obstacle 3] Switch places with someone in the room.


Affliction [Based on Sickness]: Child of the Spider Goddess — The more Edony is troubled and corrupted, the more this part of her blood comes out. At low levels it's probably just that she sees a lot of cobwebs and spiders; at high levels she may gain the ability to cling to walls and grow extra eyes, and you probably don't want to propose marriage.

Accessory: Mr. Smashy, her stuffed childhood goblin. (This is basically so I can take Wounds for it, rather than because it has any super powers. It's important to her.)

Superior Hunter 2 (From Creature of Fable)

Cool 1 (Quest perk)

Connection 1: Holly Stark She's your mentor into the world of detectives, and totally didn't turn you in when she caught you all those times. That was so nice of her.

Connection 1: Henry Oakes You sometimes forget he's not an Ogre anymore, since he was when you first met him.

Connection 1: The Delinquents These guys do the coolest things.

Arcs: Become Somebody 1/Creature of Fable 2/ Specialist 0

Become Somebody (The Last Elf) 1

Her Truth: Acceptance. Edony accepts everyone, believing they have her best interest at heart. Her life has made her appreciate the little things, and the big ones.
Her failing: Edony is lost and alone.
Her role: The last Elf

Wages of Sin (Miraculous, 0 MP):
Edony can instinctively sense who is lost and alone

Shared Experience (Miraculous, 1 MP):
Edony is not alone as the last Elf. Well, technically, she is, but this power gives her insight into those who share things in common with her as the last elf. It lets her recognize people who are associated with living underground, or who fight against the gods of light and good, or who are the last of their kind. This power creates a Level 1 Affliction to recognize these things.

Your Truth (Auctoritas)
A level one Auctoritas protects the following facts;

  • Edony is the Last of the Elves
  • Edony accepts you no matter what you are

Adaptable (Special, 2 MP)**
Edony can activate a Level 1 Auctoritas in any situation that says “I belong here.” While it is active, she gets a Level 1 Connection to the environment, a +1 Tool, and flashes of inspiration/luck from the GM to do what she’s supposed to be doing. But she has a hard time realizing this is not who she always was.

Creature of Fable 2

Between the Boundaries (Affliction based on Something to Deal With)
Despite not having any skills on her character sheet that are relevant Edony has proven to be a surprisingly effective thief/detective/reporter (is there a difference?) She can use this power to say she’s picked up a useful knick-knack off screen, or to say that she’s read up on something/someone who’s worth investigating.

Iconic (Imperial Miracle 0 MP; Major Miracle 1 MP)
Edony is pretty distinctive, with her midnight blue skin, white hair, and cloak. Also, she almost always has Mr. Bashy, her beloved, tattered, childhood stuffed goblin with her. If someone does something to change her appearance, she will seemingly naturally revert over time, or can instantly do as a Major Miracle.

Cut the Soul (Major Miracle, Bleak, 1 MP once per chapter; 2 MP second time per chapter; 4 MP second time per scene)
Elves are apparently very good at interfering with magic and other people’s powers. Edony as a child living with Ogres used this power to lessen the internal curse that affected them when someone showed them love1. She’s also used it to keep from being supernaturally tracked.

Resemble (1 MP; 4 MP with minimal information)
Sometimes, Edony wants so much to be accepted and fit in that she copies the cool kids (cool being defined as “just about anyone”), learning how they dress, speak, walk, and so on. When she has a disguise kit (and generally a lot of skin makeup) she can look like them too. If she’s impersonated someone this chapter, she can resume doing so at 0 MP cost.

Declare (Miraculous; 0 MP once/book; 1 MP second time/book; 2 MP second time per chapter; 4 MP second time per scene)
Edony has learned to be very convincing when she wants to. In addition to her Justify skill, she can sometimes persuade people of an emotional truth, forcing them to take an emote.

Specialist 0

Initiate of the Hidden Worlds (Special:Obstacle 2; 4 MP to unlock, no cost to shield others)
The World of Child Detectives
After some time as a not-always-successful thief, Edony has decided to use the skills that Holly taught her when she got caught to become a young detective. It's a world with ominous adults after treasures; holes in the eye sockets of every picture; clues that are only obvious if you've been to class that day; pits you're always falling in; people dressing up as ghosts to frighten you away; and so on. But most people aren't aware of this world.

Edony's magical cloak helps her to navigate this secret world. If she stayed on this path till Arc 2, she'd get a +1 to the skill. As it is, this power doesn't really do anything since the skill was on her sheet already.

Once per session, Edony may Suffer Trauma or Suffer Corruption, and gain a point of the Sickness issue.


+++ Anytime Quest: An amoral worldview (0/9 XP)
(Melodramatic) There are all sorts of strange rules and regulations out there that Edony doesn’t quite get. Why is it wrong to take food from someone when you’re hungry, or jewelry from someone who’s not wearing it right now? Whenever she encounters something like this, she says “That makes no sense!” and gains an XP.

Anytime Quest: Helpful (0/9)

(Melodramatic) Detective help people. And Edony is learning all about her new friends' interests. And she wants to help out. In her way. Which may not actually help them. When she does such an action, hold up a sign that says "HELPFUL".

Aspect 1: The Mystery of the Easy To Find Client (15/15 XP) (COMPLETED)

Now that you’re officially a Girl Detective, it’s time to use your skills to find out a mystery you should have investigated a while ago — your past. You don’t remember your childhood that well, but the fragments you do recall about Elven life are pretty clearly nothing like the story books where Elves fight ogres and goblins. (Ogres are your friends!) So you’ll use your Detective skills to find out more about your past and heritage.

Major XP Goals: (Each may be earned once)

  • You break into the private library of the Principal or one of the Student Council members because you think that grandma was a colleague of Entropy and they might have some knowledge of her.
  • Someone attacks you for your investigation (in an incident not involving the above break in)

Once/chapter actions:

  • You hang out with ogres or other monsters.
  • You scoff at a depiction of Elves
  • You decide that something someone has said is a Clue
  • You get all sad when you realize that you are the only Elf in Town, and possibly in all existence.
  • You bring attention to the fact you’re a detective
  • Someone makes reference to the world before the Headmaster shot Jade Irinka
  • You rationalize goofing off as somehow part of exploring your past

Reward: You now understand yourself better, and can deal with the hardships you face a little more easily. You gain a Cool 1 perk.

Aspect Quest 2: The Mysterious Magician Caper (2/15)

Something Ichirou Tanaka has said or done has caught Edony's attention. Possibly this relates to his past destroying magical acts. Why would anyone destroy a force whose only sin was that it relentlessly turned its audience into part of its act?

Maybe it's something else. Either way, you're determined to learn about Ichirou, whether he wants you to or not.
(Note: This is pretty much the Connecting With Someone quest, CMWGE, pg. 325).
Major XP goals (Each may be earned once)

  • Get in trouble trying to reach out to or connect with Ichirou
  • Get in trouble trying to help Tanaka-San, and he supports you in some fashion.


  • listening to stories about him
  • consciously trying to connect with Ichirou
  • helping out with the his daily life (Note: Edony may not have a firm grasp on domestic life)
  • Talking about Ichirous’s life, or sharing a bit of Edony's

Reward: You have gained insight into his way of thinking. You also gain a Perk: TBA.

Chibi Quest: Matchmaker (1/9)

(Storyteller 2)
You realize there are lonely people out there who need help. But you're not sure how to do this. It isn't simple like when spiders fall in love and then one eats the other. So you're figuring out how. You can earn XP by using the catchphrase:
That's so sweet.
or maybe
That's …. so sweet?

Wounds and Issues


Nothing currently


Sickness 2
It’s like the world has it in for you. It’s like it won’t let you climb out of this pit you’re in.
You are losing the sense you used to have of who you are and what you want to be.

Mystery 1
There’s some mystery about you, or some mystery that you’ll have to face. What is it?

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[size=1][i]Sigh.[/i]Oh, Edony
Will 8/8; MP 5/5; 2 Surface/1 Tough/2 Divine[/size]
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