On the 24 Core Chuubo's Arcs and Who Gets What

Jenna posted the following on Tumblr. Boldfaced Arcs are official, existing ones — either from the core book or posted on Jenna's Tumblr — while others are theoretical/planned ones. "Divine Imperators" apparently refers to True Gods.

Here’s where I’m currently putting various in-progress Arcs:

  • Immortal Blue - "Gatekeeper," an Arc with summoning circles
  • Frantic Blue - something about working with dangerous forces
  • Sickly Blue - Wounded Angel
  • Immortal Orange - Allegory (shared on Tumblr)
  • Frantic Orange - Become Somebody
  • Sickly Orange - Reality Syndrome
  • Immortal Green - Child of the Ash
  • Frantic Green - Spiritual
  • Sickly Green - Called Away (shared on Tumblr)
  • Immortal Red - Creature of the Light
  • Frantic Red - Creature of Fable
  • Sickly Red - Deceiver-type pStates
  • Immortal Gold - "Gifted," an Arc about being a magician/wise-person
  • Frantic Gold - The Ace
  • Sickly Gold - Specialist (shared on Tumblr)
  • Immortal Purple - Keeper of Gardens
  • Frantic Purple - Sentimental
  • Sickly Purple - "Elemental," a Domain/Persona mix for abstract Estates
  • Immortal Silver - "Of a Certain Place," an Arc about mythic kingdoms
  • Frantic Silver - "Knave of Hearts," an Arc about scenery-chewing
  • Sickly Silver - Accursed
  • Immortal Black - Primordial
  • Frantic Black - a port of Nobilis Persona, specific to concrete Estates
  • Sickly Black - an Arc about multiple bodies and other weird body stuff.

There’s also a “smith-god Arc” floating around, which I’m hoping will turn into one of the existing Arcs once I’ve got them all moving. And there’s a “relationship-altering” Arc … again. I suspect it’ll actually become part of Knave of Hearts.

Aaron’s Serpents get:

  • Child of the Ash,
  • Called Away,
  • Reality Syndrome, and
  • Of a Certain Place.

Angels aren’t solid yet.

  • Do they get Allegory?
  • Creature of the Light
  • Spiritual
  • Do they get Knave of Hearts?
  • Do they get Gatekeeper?
  • Do they get Of a Certain Place?

Fallen Angels are mostly there:

  • Wounded Angel
  • Elemental
  • Allegory
  • Specialist or a Smith-God Arc

Wild Magisters are mostly there:

  • Allegory
  • Called Away
  • Knave of Hearts
  • Keeper of Gardens

Dark Magisters get:

  • Creature of Fable
  • Specialist
  • Elemental
  • Called Away

Light Magisters get:

  • Creature of the Light
  • Reality Syndrome
  • Of a Certain Place
  • Keeper of Gardens

Divine Imperators get:

  • Child of the Ash
  • Primordial
  • Called Away
  • The Arc about multiple bodies and other weird body stuff.

Actuals aren’t quite there yet:

  • Become Somebody
  • Is there a relationship Arc that they get?
  • Do they get Knave of Hearts?
  • Do they get Specialist? It’s clearly a Seizhi option…
  • They get the Arc about multiple bodies and other weird body stuff

Warmains get:

  • Knave of Hearts
  • Creature of Fable
  • The Ace
  • Elemental

Deceivers get:

  • Specialist
  • Reality Syndrome
  • Knave of Hearts
  • pState-style Persona

Strategists aren’t nearly there; this is where I ran out of brainpower mapping things out:

  • Accursed?
  • Hypothetical Smith-God Arc?
  • Sentimental?
  • Elemental?

Mimics aren’t nearly there:

  • Wounded Angel?
  • Creature of the Light???!?
  • Become Somebody?
  • Hypothetical relationship-altering Arc??

What does all of this mean?

In practice, it means this. To finish the rats book, I need to finish the Arcs for the Light, the Dark, and the Wild. That means finishing Knave of Hearts, Elemental, and Of a Certain Place, and then making sure that the resulting Arc sets do everything I want the character types in question to be able to do. So that’s the current big-picture project—-

Prepping Allegory, Called Away, Specialist, Knave of Hearts, Elemental, and Of a Certain Place so that those three character types are perfect. (This also unlocks three possible Nobilis books.)

At that point, I’ll also need to check that Aaron’s Serpents and Warmains are sound. (This also unlocks two possible Nobilis books, although I want to save the Warmains book until after the Mrs. Senko novel is ready.)

After that, the remaining six Arcs are lower-priority until I turn out to need them.

You’ll notice that I haven’t really talked much about which Arcs are Aspect-alikes, which are Domain-alikes, which are Persona-alikes, and which are Treasure-alikes. You can assume that they’re roughly in that order, but also that sticking to that was making things harder for me rather than easier so I’ve kind of deprioritized that perspective. I may re-prioritize it when polishing the final Arcs, since it’s an important element of verifying that the character types have a good toolkit.

I don’t know what it means that the Dark doesn’t have an Immortal Arc. It may be a good reason to declare Specialists Immortal, or it may be thematic:

Maybe they’re focused on serial immortality and the Perk Guess You’re Stuck With Me rather than regular unkillability.

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