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The Scrapbook is for ideas, and musings related to Natalie and the Only it Shattered campaign more generally!


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The Coutourier Household

Natalie would be a very poor princess indeed if she didn't have at least a small staff to affect the appearance of nobility. Currently, her town-house has a staff of three - more than sufficient given she lives alone, doesn't often need elaborate meals to be prepared, and keeps everything in order as a matter of course. Her three servants are:

Roger, the Butler

With an immaculate appearance that would do him justice among even the most distinguished butlers imaginable, Roger has served Natalie for along as he can remember. And if it wasn't for the very slight whirring sound he produces instead of the more usual "hoo-haa" of breathing, you'd be forgiven for not noticing he is - in fact - a robot. He has long since learnt to do his own maintenance, and Natalie hasn't had to rebuild him in quite some time. All in all, he is a most dependable manservant.

Annabelle, the Head-Maid

Annie used to be one of Natalie's favourite servants. Then she died. As humans are want to do. At the time unable to stand the thought of being without her, Natalie bound Annabelle's soul to a beautiful locket and behoved her to serve even in death. Now…Natalie has not called Annabelle 'Annie' in quite some time. And, truth be told, it was by force of habit alone she took the locket with her when she left for Town. Natalie no longer wears the locket, and so it remains on her dresser - with Annie left to tend the house where she now resides.

Beatrice, the Maid-in-Training

A very young and totally normal girl recruited from Town as one-part local expert, one-part connection to the community, and small-part emergency food supply. Beatrice is excitedly/nervously learning the ins and outs of being a respectable maid from three people who have a combined age greater than everyone who has ever lived in her family tree…and who all have very particular ideas about what a maid should be. Her life is, how do you say, 'interesting' at present.

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