The Prodigy

"All I have is time, and no desire to use it…"

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Natalie Coutourier

Emotion XP: Wincing!


Academics Skill: flawless
Sports Skill: terrifying
Favourite Food: obvious
Favourite Animal: human
Age: old

Resources & Wounds

Will 8/8 3/3
MP 5/5
Normal Health [ ] [ ]
Tough Health [ ]
Divine Health [ ] [ ]


(superior) Vampire Princess 3
Noblesse Oblige 3
Heretical Technology 2
Cool 3


Affliction: Frozen Heart… [X] – equal to Sickness.
Bond: Mad Skills [X] - equal to (being a) Hero.

Connections -

  • the Coutourier household: 1
  • the Fortitude Rats: 1
  • the Child of the Sun: -1

Miraculous Powers

Arc Trait: Frantic

Tireless [Ace 0]

  • An additional pool of 3 Will.
  • Replenishes every in-genre XP action taken in a scene you're in.

Cool [Ace 1]

  • Gain a scaling Cool Perk, equal to your ranks in The Ace.

The Prodigy [Ace 1]

  • 0 MP - starting mid-scene, take 1-2 perfect actions.
  • 1 MP - see "Push Yourself" below.
  • 2 MP - starting mid-scene, all actions are perfect.
  • 4 MP - take as many perfect actions as you like this scene.

Push Yourself[Ace 1]

  • 1 MP -

Legendary Master [Ace 2]

  • 2 MP - starting mid-scene, push yourself beyond the normal limits of The Prodigy (gaining strength, speed, precision, etc).
  • 4 MP - do so at the beginning of a scene.

Legendary Master

  • 2 MP - starting mid-scene, take perfect control over your body.
  • 4 MP - do this at any time.

Anime Moment [Ace 3]

  • 4 MP - give yourself whatever power and speed you need to accomplish a task.
  • 4 MP - do something outright impossible, but mythically plausible, with local and short-term effects.

Special Training

  • Go on a 15-XP quest to temporarily put together a level 3 Superior Skill - with some caveats.

Issues and Quests

(Be a) Hero ?
Sickness ?

Progress [?]

Arc XP: 0/72
Unspent XP: 0


Peaceful Moments
Type: Basic
XP: 0/9

  • When you take solace in mundanity, or ordinary accomplishment emote "At Peace" to gain 1-XP once a scene.
  • But remember always - you don't have time for that stuff.

The Golden Snake of the Rooftops
Type: Gold
XP: 0/15

The HG can award 3 XP toward this quest when you reach up to two of the following:

  • …someone accuses you of controlling the snake or being the snake.
  • …you have a scary fight scene with the snake and lose, run away, or can't finish it off.
  • …you track it to its lair at "Madcaps' Nave" atop the Archive of Professor Hideo Hayashi, where it nests.

1/chapter you can earn bonus XP toward this quest when you:

  • prowl the rooftops.
  • make a new friend/acquaintance while out hunting the snake.
  • Help someone in trouble.
  • Talk about your past or reflect upon what the Snake might've stolen.

Thaw Your Heart
Type: Orange
XP: 0/15

  • When you've been touched by something (when something's reached you!) emote it and earn 1-XP.
  • But remember always - it will only end in pain.

The Cut of Your Jib


Immortality does not mean living forever. It just means living until there's nothing left…

You danced your way to the end of the world. An existence built upon corpses. A bloated Sun and a blasted Earth as your final witnesses. You watched mankind dwindle and die - despite your efforts, despite what you turned them into. Despite what you did afterwards. You watched your kin fall from elegance and grace - to become twisted nothings without care or worry. And you wondered, in that final twilight, if you should have followed them. If you should have warped your mind and flesh to revel in blissful ignorance. Would that have been, in the end, better? Better than clinging - with almighty strength - to the last vestiges of yourself like only a handful of others had chosen to do? There is no answer. Your past self is not accountable to you. All you can say is that you chose to march on, heedless and unchanging. Chose to forget - so many things, and so many feelings - so that you could sustain your limping existence.

And when all was said and done, when even hope itself seemed apt to die, you found escape. A way out. To a world that still breathed. To the sounds of laughter, and birds. You had forgotten such things. Just as you have forgotten how to appreciate them. But perhaps ancient memories will stir - alongside ancient hungers…

Dare you hope for such a thing?


See also: the scrapbook!


Miraculous Arcs



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