The Other One

"Me? I'm nobody special, not really…"

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Ivan Tanaka

Emotion XP: Putting My Faith in You

Academics Skill: Pretty good
Sports Skill: Average
Favourite Food: Fried shrimp, sakura-mochi
Favourite Animal: Horse
Age: 15

Resources & Wounds

Will 8/8
MP 1/1
Normal Health [ ] [ ]
Tough Health [ ]


Woodcarving 2
Fortitude History 2
Big Brother 1
Mind the Store 1
Boating 1


Bond: Brotherly Love [2]
Affliction: Fortune's Fool [X] - Equal to first advancement arc.
Virtue(Bond): Compassion [X] - Equal to (being a) Hero.
Shard Power(Affliction): Prophetic Dreams [X] - Equal to (in) Over Your Head.

Connections -

  • The Yatskaya Family: 1 - Ivan lives in the Yatskaya shrine's neighborhood and occasionally delivers supplies that the family orders from his parents' store.
  • Professor Hideo Hayashi: 1 - Having an interest in Fortitude's history, Ivan spends some of his free time at the archive.

Miraculous Powers

Coming soon! Watch this space!


Type: Basic

Ivan enjoys the life of a Fortitude citizen, he honestly does. At the same time though, he feels as though he were meant for something more than just looking out for his family and inheriting the shop when he gets older. This disconnect between where he is and what he wants causes him stress, and he gets a bonus XP when you hold up a sign that says, "Enjoying the simple life" on the side you show everyone else and, "There must be more than this," on the side facing you.

Meet the Other PCs
Type: Blue

A Far and Sunless Land (Knight option)
Type: Orange

The Cut of Your Jib

Ivan Tanaka is, in many ways, a typical Fortitude teenager. He was born in Fortitude and has lived there all his life. His parents own a modestly successful general store that he occasionally helps out at. He has two younger siblings; his sister Kei(14) and his brother Piotr(12), in addition to a gaggle of aunts, uncles and cousins. His siblings love and respect him, and most of the people who know him think he's well on his way to becoming a Dependable Person.

And yet…

Ivan can't help but feel that there ought to be more to his existence than the simple day-to-day of life in Fortitude. He craves something more, to truly make his mark on Town, to be not just dependable but exceptional. Unfortunately, he doubts that he truly has what it takes to make that dream a reality. In his own mind, Ivan Tanaka is a nobody, a background character no more distinguished than his name would imply. It doesn't help that he appears to have a personal tormentor who shares these sentiments and never misses a chance to let Ivan know it. Even so, a deeply compassionate heart beats in Ivan's chest, and pierced as it is by a shard of the Glass Dragon, who's to say what this seemingly ordinary boy's future holds?

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