Nightmare's Angel

Leonardo de Montreal

Academics skill: Variable
Sports skill: Ordinary
Favourite Foods: Ramen, Hot Chocolate, Schadenfreude
Blood Type: B
Animal: Tiger
Age: 16
Arcs: Wounded Angel 3
Current Arc: Wounded Angel
Emotion XP: *Speechlessness* XP



Nightmare Science 2. You practice a unique form of science.
Weather-Sense 2. You have an uncanny sense for weather.
Perseverance 2. You’re good at not giving up.
Love for the Wicked 1. You believe even the worst deserve kindness.
Shield 1. You’re oddly familiar with protecting people.
Dream Analysis 0. Your dream analysis helps only rarely.
People Skills 0. You’re uncomfortable with people.
Swimming -1. You’re not good with water.
Domestic Tasks -1. You’re not good around the house.

Connection: the Wishing Boy 2 0. No! No no no! You are not connected to him in any way!
Connection: the Child of the Sun 1. It is oddly easy to get along with the Child of the Sun.


Connection: the Wishing Boy 0.
Connection: the Child of the Sun 1.

Quests and XP

Emotion XP: *Speechlessness* XP

Basic Quest: Natural Scientist
Propose a theory about something in the natural world, the world of nightmares, or the paranatural environments around them.

Bindings Quest 1: The Outside Stirs

  • Major Goals
    • …you explicitly take responsibility or get handed responsibility for dealing with the riled-up Outside.
    • …you construct some sort of defensive perimeter.
    • …you encounter Jade Irinka, the former sun, or the Headmaster of the Bleak Academy.
    • …three weeks/chapters pass without obvious IC progress on the quest.
  • Flavour
    • …sympathizing with, or assisting, the outcast and the wrong.
    • …dreams calling you to a place of danger.
    • …listening to stories of strange things happening in Big Lake.
    • …regaling people with a legend of the Outside, the glass dragon, or the epic dangers (or whatever) that are the focus of the quest—typically a legend invented by your player but occasionally forwarded from previous discussions with the HG.
    • …complaining to the other PCs about the progress of your investigations/work.
    • …reluctantly allowing yourself to be dragged away from it, or
    • …reluctantly allowing others to get involved with it.

Side Quest: The Hidden Library

  • Major Goals
    • …get someone to show you the ropes of Professor Hayashi’s archive, since that’s got the best records of things like historical storm frequency and local legend.
    • …stumble on or are shown the hidden part of the archive’s upper floors, where it fades into a portion of the Outside.
  • Flavour
    • …you discuss the operational principles of your or Chuubo’s Engine.
    • …you work on your theories in a café near the Archive.
    • …you’re drawn into somebody else’s obsession (manga, movies, whatever).
    • …you fall off of a building.
    • …you are bitten by a snake.


Wounded Angel 3

Oh, You Fool
Nightmare Devices
(Cage for a) Blasphemy
Empowered Wounds
Supreme Invocation
Once an Angel
The Wayward Heart
The Incomparable Nightmare Engine

Empowered Wounds


Heartless Perfection
Supreme Heartlessness


I Alone May Save You
Holding Up the Sky
Memory's Surcease


The Stuff of Nightmares
The Sickness Rises
From the Land of Rot and Poison


Flash of Insight

Current Status

  • Health Levels
    • 2/2 Normal
    • 1/1 Tough
    • 2/62 Divine
  • Resources
    • 8/8 Will
    • 5/5MP
  • Issues
  • Progress
    • Active Arc: Bindings 0/72xp
    • Quests
      • Natural Scientist - 0/9xp
      • The Outside Stirs - 0/24xp
      • The Hidden Library - 0/15xp
    • Unspent XP: 0xp


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[SIZE=1]Speechless XP; Will 8/8; MP 5/5; Quests: Basic #/9;
 Bindings 1 #/25; Side #/15;[/SIZE]
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