Ulf Outlaw

The Bandit King

The teenager before you seems curious and maybe a little hungry. He’s wearing a long green tunic with some star covered tights, and no shoes. His feet have worn through them in places. He’s wearing a long, oversized coat with lots of pockets. He wears a crown of oak leaves and purple anemones and has very long, brownish hair that, despite his clothing’s disarray, is carefully arranged into several braids- each of which has a ribbon of a different color braided within. He has a slingshot and a mischievous look, like he’s about to pickpocket someone, or throw egg at a building while you’re not looking.

His name is Ulf-Outlaw, and he’s the bandit king.

XP Emotion: Oh no, Ulf's in trouble again.

Will: 7/8
MP: 4/5

Academic ability: Non-existent
Athletic ability: Decent
Age: 14
Blood Type: A-
Favorite foods: Chocolate Cake
Sign: Null String


Slingshot Sorcery 3
Climbing and jumping (especially on rooftops) 2
Sneaking around places 1
Taunts and insults 1
Rough and tumble brawling 1


Connection 2: Abner, who I want to join my gang.
Bond [Based on Sickness]: I’m invisible to the law (because I ain’t a person and no one knows me)
Affliction: I can't grow up! [1]
Accessory: Ulf's Gang of Childish Outlaws. They're mostly just kids, but some of them are kind of odd.

Health and Wounds

Normal: [ ] [ ]
Tough: [ ]
Divine: [ ] [ ] [ ]


421853597639245836.png?v=1 Sickness: 1

Arcs: Creature of Delirium 3/Wounded Angel 0

Current Arc: 421853610880532481.png?v=1
Wounded Angel
Arc Progress: 0/72 XP

421853646784036864.png?v=1 Creature of Delirium 3

421853610880532481.png?v=1 Wounded Angel 0


Basic Quest

I Am The Bandit King! (1/9 XP)
You’re the King of the Bandits! Sure, some of them don’t know it yet, but your crew sure does! You make sure to let people know, to emote and assure them all that you’re the king!

But it’s kind of hollow, isn’t it. Your crew? They come and they go. They have pasts and futures. You don’t.

Sometimes when you’re saying this:

I'm the King of the Bandits,

You're feeling this:

Don’t got no parents or no family neither.

Quest 1: Stealing the Secrets of the Wind

(0/24 XP)
Your shadow has escaped you! It’s quite vexing, really- the thing just slipped out from under your feet one day and has been wandering the countryside terrorizing people with pranks and petty theft.

And you’re getting in trouble for it, without even getting to do the fun part of petty crime. It’s infuriating!

So you want to catch it and stick it back on somehow. There’s only one problem- the shadow is devilishly quick and incredibly slippery. So you’ve decided you need to be faster than it is! So you’re going to figure out the secrets of the winds, and learn to fly. You reason that the shadow can’t escape you if you can move easier and faster than it, and what’s a better way to move than like the wind?

Major milestones

  • ..you fall under the burden of your pursuit of the wind’s secrets, or
  • ..you construct some kind of defensive perimeter against the angry wind, or to catch it, or
  • ..you encounter a powerful being, like the former sun or the king of death, or
  • ..you three chapters pass without any obvious IC progress on the quest.

Flavor (once/chapter)

  • Sympathizing with, or assisting, the outcast and the wrong.
  • Your dreams calls you to a place of danger.
  • Listening to stories of strange things happening in the cave where the winds are born.
  • Regaling people with a legend of some epic danger relating to the winds.
  • Complaining to other PCs about the lack of progress in your work
  • Reluctantly allowing yourself to be dragged away from that work, or
  • Reluctantly allowing others to be involved in it.

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[SIZE=1]8/8 Will, 5/5 MP, Oh, shucks, Ulf's In Trouble Again XP[/SIZE]
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