Hepzibah Forrester

The Sword Saint

Academics skill: Struggles with Math
Sports skill: Unbelievable
Favourite Foods: Carrot sticks, fruit cut in half, roast beef
Blood Type: A+
Animal: Tiger
Age: 19
Arcs: Primordial 2/Chosen One 1
Current Arc: Chosen One
Emotion XP: Impressed Whistle XP



Sword 4
“You’ll have to go through me.” 2
The Law 1
Bluegrass 1
Gambling 0


Cool: Cool 1
Bond: Broken and Beaten [Complex]
Affliction: Superhuman with a sword in hand, mortal without [Mystic]

Quests and XP

Emotion XP: Impressed Whistle XP

Basic Quest: Center Mass
Catchphrase: "Let's cut the crap."

Aspect Quest 1: Physical Training

  • Major Goals
    • You get in trouble—someone tries to shut down wherever you’re training, or keep you from attending it;
    • Your training is interrupted with a chance to help deal with some disaster (where heavy physical work is useful in prevention, mitigation, or recovery);
    • You have a vision or flashback of some sort as you pass out from exhaustion.
  • Flavour
    • you wander home exhausted but happy after a lot of exercise
    • someone comes upon you as you’re training and watches for a while
    • there’s a training montage
    • you struggle against a (training) barrier you can’t get past
    • you bond with someone through fighting/competing with them
    • you let out your emotions through exercise/training/practice

Sidequest: Don't Need No Stinkin' Badge

  • Major Goals
    • You take a job that you don't care about or are totally unsuited for because it's not sheriff.
    • A star appears on your chest… like a portentous stain, or splash of dirt, or a shuriken to the sternum
  • Flavour
    • everyone/several people in a room draw weapons.
    • you explain that something is NOT your job as you are doing it
    • you let a major crime by. It's not your job
    • someone asks you to resolve a dispute
    • you accidentally foil a crime in progress
    • you whistle loudly to calm a crowd


Primordial 2

Estate: Blades

Knives, cleavers, machetes, axes, razors, things that carry that ineffable quality of Sharpness, they are the domain of Hepzibah. It’s not just that she can wield them — which she can — she is always wielding them. Her blade is called all-blades and it is always at hand.

Principle: Inner Strength

Everyone has a secret power inside, a core of truth that even they might not now. There is a Secret Sword in all of us and, like all swords, Hepzibah knows what to do when she’s holding it.

Transformation: a Sword Goddess

Most of the time, Hepzibah looks like an athletic young woman who is skilled with the blade. But when the light is glinting off of her blade’s edge and the sun is setting behind her, you might just catch a glimpse of her, holding a thousand blades, with a blazing heart shining in her chest and eyes that burn like furnaces. You might see that… but Gods I hope you don’t.

Unnatural Action

When Hepzibah reaches out, she can grasp the handles of all blades. This is usually fairly subtle - letting change the way light plays off the edge of a sword, or nudging the motion of a blade in use to form words out of the cuts. This isn’t really telekinesis right now, she can’t make swords fly across the room or stop a sword in mid-swing.


Hepzibah can see with the eyes of blades. This… is of limited use. Someone or something using a blade to cut or being cut by a blade show up in her extended senses, but since these are pretty quick actions its hard to get a lot of information out of them. If she really tries she can catch a glimpse of people reflected in the edge of a knife, but there’s not a huge amount of info there.


Sword-swallowing is one of the most basic skills of being a blade bodhisattva. When you learn the trick of it, there’s not really anything you can’t swallow.


When Hepzibah talks with others about their inner strengths, she can see the handle of the secret sword within them. Grasping that handle, she can pull forth a magic sword representing that person’s hidden personal power.

Shared Witness

When she is holding a person’s secret sword, Hepzibah is, in a way, holding them too. She can find people with their swords and feel what they are feeling. Sometimes, she can even learn more about them, getting insight into what strength they keep hidden away from the world and how you can nurture that.

A Distant Mood

If she’s holding someone’s secret sword, Hepzibah can do one of two things for them. Either she can cause a sword to materialize in their hand, filling them with self-confidence and also being quite sharp, or she can create the Bond The Power You’re Looking For Is Inside of You.

Additionally, she can call on even more power and unleash a person’s hidden power. THis usually takes the form of one of the following wishes:

  • I wish you had a sword whose magic would let you overcome this challenge;
  • I wish using this sword would teach you that you’re strong enough; or
  • I wish this sword would keep you safe

Evocative Transformation
Hepzibah can call on her power to become something that rallies the inner strength in those who need it. For instance, she can draw forth a brilliant sword of rulership which, when others look upon, find themselves willing to become their best selves to serve true Royalty.

Transform and Devour
On the other hand, she can transform into something that destroys uncertainty.

Chosen One 1

Magical Skill: Sword

While you were partying, Hepzibah studied the blade. With a sword in hand, she can perform astonishing and magical feats.

Enemy: Doubt

To wield a sword is to be clear of purpose; only those with absolute certainty should walk the path of Cutting. The enemy of swordsmanship is uncertainty; those without clarity cannot stand against a True Swordsman.

Wild Magic

The sanctioned action is to Cut. Hepzibah may use her sword to do things that a sword should not be able to do - paint a fence, tie her shoes, throw spark slashes through the air. For now her techniques are interesting and clearly magical, but only somewhat useful … lacing your boots with a cavalry saber isn’t a particularly useful secret move.


Performing the proper katas and motions can reveal many hidden things. Through a careful ritual of combat, Hepzibah can learn secrets about the world and those who might do her harm. She cannot, though, see those who have no doubt-in-their-heart: True Swordsmen must always face each other head-on.


Such is Hepzibah’s mastery of cutting that she may create a shield, surrounding herself phantom blades that keep the powers of her foes at bay. But beware those who are clear of purpose, for the shield cannot protect against those who feel no doubt in their hearts.

Raw Magic

Reach Heaven through violence. Hepzibah can focus her technique to call forth a sword-aura of floating blade-lights. She can pump MP into her aura to charge up, granting her Edge on Sword actions. This MP is not used up and can be spent on other effects, but all remaining aura MP are spent at the end of the scene.

Current Status

  • Health Levels
    • 2/2 Normal
    • 1/1 Tough
    • 3/3 Divine
  • Resources
    • 8/8 Will
    • 5/5MP
  • Issues
  • Progress
    • Active Arc: Aspect 0/72xp
    • Quests
      • ??? - 0/9xp
      • Physical Training - 0/24xp
      • Don't Need No Stinkin' Badge - 0/15xp
    • Unspent XP: 0xp
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