Ash Valentine

The Righteous Wanderer

XP Emotion: Shiver of Awe

Will: 8/8
MP: 5/5

Academic ability: Fair
Athletic ability: Excellent
Age: Mid-20s
Blood Type: A-
Favorite foods: Beans, sausages, anything you can slightly burn over a fire.
Animal: Phoenix


Superior Wanderer 2: You can make a camp, shoulder a pack, and walk the trackless tracks of the Outside.
Perceptive 2: Not much gets past you when you're paying attention, whether playing cards or tracking a culprit.
Rye Humour 2: You can relax and put people at ease… when you've a mind to.
Lightfoot Techniques 1: You're a gunslinger, so naturally you've studied qinggong techniques to allow you to run across a dune without disturbing it or leap from one roof to another.
Gunslinger 1: You know your way around a firearm well enough, though you do much better when you aim with your heart.


Connection 1: Isolde Kikuchi, who you confronted in a tense standoff because you thought she was an evil fox spirit. You made it right-ish at the time, but you probably still owe her one.
Connection 1: Pterri, who found you when you'd just fallen to earth as a shooting star, and who helped you get your bearings.

Bond: I shoot to save good folks an' punish bad ones. Ain't nothin' else I'll draw a gun for.
Affliction: I can’t be tied down.

Health and Wounds

Normal: [ ] [ ]
Tough: [ ]
Divine: [ ] [ ]



Current Arc: Prophet
Arc Progress: 1/72 XP

Prophet 1

Creature of the Light 2


Basic Quest

No Place To Call Home (1/9 XP)
You're a wanderer of no fixed abode. Once per scene, you can gain an XP towards your Basic Quest by drawing attention to this fact by talking about other places you've seen or might see in the future, and the key phrase “over the horizon."

Quest 1

Somethin’ Brought Me Here (5/24 XP)
You've arrived in a town, and you're starting think you're going to be here for a while. Why…?
Gain 3xp towards this quest when:
A representative of the town officially or unofficially recognises you as an agent of justice.
Someone from the town sits at your campfire late into the night and you talk about what the future might bring.
You see evidence of a mysterious figure responsible for the town’s injustices.

1/chapter earn a bonus XP towards this when:
You have troubled dreams that portend doom coming to the town.
You talk about these dreams.
You talk about the chaos of the Outside.
You discuss certainty, doubt, and the merits of each.
You openly commit yourself to a righteous task.
You see signs and portents in the mundane things of life here.
You are silhouetted against lightning, rain or sandstorm.

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