Abner Apocynum-Kichi

The Boy Who Wasn't There

XP Emotion: Fist Pump/Salute

Will: 8/8
MP: 5/5

Academic ability: Knows his readin' and writin'
Athletic ability: Decent
Age: 14
Blood Type: Mu
Favorite foods: An ice cold lemonade, a moment of perfect stillness
Sign: Aquarius


Kichi Magic 2
Hardly More’n A Kid 1
Superior Ain’t Got No Problem With That 2
Weave a Tale 1
Set you on yer way 2


Connection 1: Pterri She's speakin' to the universe, so she's speakin' your language.
Connection 1: Ulf Ain't many other 14 year olds around here, even if neither of you is exactly that.
Affliction [Based on Trust]: I must be hard to remember
Connection 2: Sid the Turtle — Is this giant turtle (giant as in 3-4 feet tall, not as Discworld) an ancient sage who knows much, a pet from his past self, or just a reptile Abner took a likin' to?

Health and Wounds

Normal: [ ] [ ]
Tough: [ ]
Divine: [ ] [ ]


Something to Deal With 1: You keep thinking about things you don’t want to think about. It’s uncomfortable. You want to distract yourself from it.

Arcs: Called Away 1/Awakened 2

Current Arc: 421853673925378052.png?v=1 Awakened
Arc Progress: 0/72 XP

421853597639245836.png?v=1 Called Away 1

421853673925378052.png?v=1 Awakening 2

What am I doing hanging round/ I should be on that train and gone/ I should be riding on that train to San Anton’/ What am I doing hanging round.
The Monkees


Basic Quest

Dealing with Things (2/9 XP)
You know you've got a to set people on their Way, cause it's the proper thing. But you also know that what they're doing isn't always important in the big scheme of things..
So you've got a card you flip to show your reaction
Need a hand? That don't matter a hill of beans

Quest 1: Asserting Your Existence

** (4/21 XP) **
You're in danger of slipping away too much from this world. Or maybe, even if you don't want to admit it, you lose too much when you let go of everything.

Major goals

  • …you make someone acknowledge you as your true self, when they’d been trying to deny it
  • …something useful happens because you’re not really “you” any longer.
  • …someone monologues to you about the thing you’ve lost and how important it is

Flavor (once/chapter)

  • …wrestle with questions of identity.
  • …get kind of worked up about the situation.
  • …fail at something you were good at, breaking or damaging something.
  • …dream of your true self, far away.
  • …dream of an ocean with cranes soaring over it
  • …something useful happens because you’re not “you” any longer. (This typically follows the 5-XP bonus for such thing repeating what happened before, or is too minor to count—but it can trigger the 5-XP bonus if you have a good idea and the HG approves)

Side Quest: Engineering A Shindig

** 1/21 XP
Major goals **

  • …you complete a major survey of the people who might attend.
  • …you get two rival sides to both agree to attend the shindig, ideally under a flag of truce, or at least claiming a truce.
  • … in a strange location, you find a hidden cache of moonshine, a player piano, or other major thing which would make the shindig swing

Flavor (once/chapter)

  • … clean, prepare a space Isolde has selected for the venue, or do maintenance work
  • … break bread with someone strange by a fire
  • … catalogue or explore the people in the town
  • … groom a horse, mule, dog or similar animal connected somehow to the quest
  • … are penned in somewhere by rain
  • … bear witness to townsfolk living ordinary lives

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[SIZE=1]Fist Pump
6/8 Will, 5/5 MP
Something To Deal With 1[/SIZE]
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