Natalie Coutourier

The Prodigy

Name: Natalie Coutourier, Vampire Princess of Paris
Academics Skill: Legendary
Sports Skill: Legendary
Favorite Foods: Baguettes, Iced Coffee, Blood, Nervousness
Blood Type: B
Animal: Dragon
Age: 115

Lifepath Responses

#1: Things are different now — but you are still a child of Russia, yes?
… mais non, chéri. Je suis la princesse vampire sophistiquée Natalie Coutourier of France.

#2: If we play through our childhood, when did I come into Town?
… don’t be silly, I’m Natalie Coutourier, darling, I’m more than a century old. No, the problem is explaining why I hang out with kids — and that’s, simply put: I lost too much blood and de-aged to 5, but I’ll be back to my normal eternally broody teenaged self in a decade or so!

#3: What am I usually doing?
… brooding and staring out at the Lake
… lurking on rooftops looking for trouble to confront
… helping out in the neighborhood

#4: First Quests
- You’ve always wanted to… Enjoy the simple, peaceful moments in life — the normal human moments.
- And the arc of your life is, and must be, towards… getting your shrivelled, wishless heart to start glowing again and learning to trust people, and be open to them, once again.
- It is incumbent upon me to hunt down… my shadow that came free and stalks Fortitude's streets.

#5: Connections
- Dulcinea deMontfort 2 - I'll hold off on this for a bit. It'll probably end up being Dulcinea, but maybe not.
- The Coutourier Family and Retainers 1
- Fortitude Rats 1
- The Child of the Sun -1



  • (Superior) Vampire 3
  • Superior Vitality 3
  • Superior Physical Control 1
  • Haute Couture 1
  • Vampire Magic -1
  • Cool 3


  • Dulcinea deMontfort 2
  • The Coutourier Family and Retainers 1
  • Fortitude Rats 1
  • The Child of the Sun -1

Emotion XP

  • Wince XP


  • Basic Quest: Peaceful Moments
    • 1xp/Scene: When you feel a peaceful moment of quiet reflection hold up a sign and show everyone the side that says At Peace. Look at the side that say You Don't Have Time For This.
  • The Black Shadow of the Night Sky
    • 3xp, up to 3:
      • Someone accuses you of controlling the shadow or being the shadow.
      • You have a scary fight scene with the shadow and lose, run away, or can't finish it off.
      • You track it to its lair at"Madcaps' Nave," atop the Blakley House, where it nests with bits and pieces of your memories.
    • 1xp/Chapter:
      • prowling the rooftops
      • making a new friend/acquaintance while out hunting the shadow
      • helping someone who's in trouble or
      • talking about your past in France, developing the memories that the shadow is nesting on
  • Rekindle Your Heart
    • 1xp/Scene: When something touches your heart, despite your best efforts, hold up a sign and show everyone the side that says (I'm) Touched. Look at the side that say This Will End in Pain.
  • My Tutor was a Blood-sucking Monster!
    • 1xp/Scene: When you are imparting a lesson to your ward, or, simply, thinking about imparting a lesson, say "That is one of the keys of being a vampire."

Miraculous Arcs

  • Frantic
    • Take a Be in Trouble action and gain +1MP per XP earned
  • Aspect(The Ace) 3
    • Tireless
      • Miraculous Will
    • The Prodigy
      • 0MP, mid-scene, perform 1-2 perfect actions in a scene
      • 2MP, mid-scene, all actions are perfect
      • 4MP, any time all actions are perfect
    • Push Yourself
      • 1MP, mid-scene, execute a perfect action with double strength and thinking capacity
      • 4MP, any time
    • Legendary Master
      • 2MP, starting mid-scene, take perfect control over your body
      • 4MP, do this at any time
    • Anime Moment
      • 4MP, take a completely impossible action
    • Example Quest Miracle: Special Training
      • Gain a level 3 Superior Skill that a human "could learn" (*wink wink*)
    • Example Quest Miracle: Spiritual Training
      • Gain a spiritual aura of some kind


  • Cool 3
  • Bond: Princess of the Night (Hero)
  • Affliction: Dead Heart (Sickness)

Current Status

  • Health Levels
    • 2/2 Normal
    • 1/1 Tough
    • 2/2 Divine
  • Resources
    • 8/8 Will
    • 3/3 Miraculous Will
    • 6/5 MP
  • Issues
    • Mystery 1 - There’s some mystery about you, or some mystery that you’ll have to face. What is it?
  • Progress
    • Active Arc: Aspect 0/72xp
    • Quests
      • Peaceful Moments - 1/9xp
      • The Black Shadow of the Night Sky - 1/15xp
      • Rekindle Your Heart - 1/15xp
      • My Tutor was a Blood-sucking Monster! - 0/9xp
    • Unspent XP: 1xp

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