Natalia Koutolika

The Prodigy

You’re incredibly talented — a once-in-a-generation prodigy near the peak of human mental and physical potential. In particular you have access to a legendary strength of spirit: what some martial artists call "overflowing Chi" or "Ki" and some other PCs call "the wishing power of the heart."

In your day-to-day life you’re just an extremely competent teenaged girl. When you push yourself to excel you’ll rival pulp science adventurers, cinematic kung fu heroes, and even supernatural or divine warriors out of legend.

Name: Natalia Koutolika
Academics Skill: Legendary
Sports Skill: Legendary
Favorite Foods: Borscht, Iced Coffee, Baguettes
Blood Type: B
Animal: Dragon
Age: 15

Favorite Scenes

  • Enjoying a peaceful moment, staring at the water or the sky.
  • Practicing martial arts or advanced math.
  • Going way too far to fulfill a responsibility or duty.

Mundane Abilities


  • Martial Arts 3 You’re an awesome martial artist.
  • Mathematics 3 You’re a math prodigy.
  • Dance 1 You know your way around a dance floor.
  • Student 1 You know your way around a school.
  • Russian Émigré 0 You are uncomfortable with your heritage.
  • Cool 3 You are hard to hurt, embarrass, corrupt, or co-opt.


  • The Koutolika Family 1 You’re comfortable with your family.
  • Fortitude Rats 1 You don’t know what it is, but you get along with them.
  • The Child of the Sun -1 You don’t know how to deal with someone like this.
  • [PC of your Choice] 2 They remind you of someone you’ve lost.

Miraculous Abilities (Arcs)

Aspect (The Ace) 3

Frantic (Arc Power) — Can take the (be in) Trouble XP Action at any time its conditions can be met, and get an extra MP (up to starting MP), as well as another extra MP for every point of XP sent to the Pot by the action.
Tireless — Unrestricted access to Miraculous Will.
The Prodigy — Starting mid-scene, enhance an action or two and make them mechanically perfect (0 MP). For 2 MP, enhance all actions for the rest of the scene. For 4 MP, enhance as many actions as you want this scene immediately.
Push Yourself — Starting mid-scene, enhance The Prodigy with the strength of a bear and/or the precision of a supercomputer (1 MP). For 4 MP, you can do this at the beginning of the scene.
Legendary Master — Starting mid-scene, take perfect control over your body. You can make yourself very light or very heavy, make long, precise jumps and manipulate every part of your body perfectly (2 MP). For 4 MP, you can do this at any time.
Determination — For 4 MP, give yourself whatever power and speed you need to accomplish a task, even ridiculous tasks like building a tall stone wall in 15 seconds or outracing a laser.
Anime Moment — For 4 MP, do something outright impossible, but mythically plausible, with local and short-term effects (e.g., punch out a movie character from the audience, drink a whole lake, surf on a sound wave).

Special Training — Quest Miracles; develop new Skills (Superior or otherwise) and abilities.
Spiritual Training — Quest Miracles; develop spiritual abilities.


  • Mad Skills - Bond: As the Hero Issue rises, you become more awesome with your level 3+ Skills.
  • Frozen Heart - Affliction: As the Sickness Issue rises, you gain resistance to both happiness and loss of emotional control.
  • Cool 3
  • Connection: The Koutolika Family 1
  • Connection: Fortitude Rats 1
  • Connection: The Child of the Sun -1
  • Connection: [PC of your Choice] 2

Quests and XP

The Ace (3—>4) (0/60 XP)

Emotion XP

*Wince in sympathy or "aww, poor thing" in sadness at what Natalia goes through.

Peaceful Moments

Chibi-Quest XP: 3/9

"At Peace" / "You don't have time for this" Gain 1 XP per ten posts / one scene when you relax and allow peace into your heart.

Reward: Recharge Token

The Golden Snake of the Rooftops

Quest XP: 5/15

  • Gain 3 XP when
    • Someone accuses you of controlling the snake or being the snake.
    • You have a scary fight scene with the snake and lose, run away, or can’t finish it off.
    • You track it to its lair at “Madcaps’ Nave,” atop the Archive of Professor Hideo Hayashi, where it nests with bits and pieces of your memories.
  • You can earn up to two of these bonuses, once each, for a total of 6 XP.
  • Once per week, you can earn a bonus XP towards this quest when you:
    • Prowl the rooftops
    • Make a new friend or acquaintance while out hunting the snake
    • Help someone who’s in trouble or
    • Talk about your past in Russia, developing the memories that the snake is nesting on

Reward: Either a new Tough or Normal Health Level or a cool blessed spear.

Thaw Your Heart

Storyline Quest XP: 1/21

  • "(I'm) Touched" / "This will end in pain" Gain 1 XP per ten posts / one scene when you admit that you have been touched.

Reward: A new sign, and a Perk of some sort (page 363); then, possibly move on to "An Unlikely Friendship"

Completed Quests

Currently none

Current Status

  • Resources:
    • Will (4/8)
    • Miraculous Will (3/3)
    • MP (5/5)
  • Health Levels:
    • 2/2 Divine
    • 0/1 Tough
    • 2/2 Normal
  • Wounds:
    • Serious Wound: Affliction "Slowly Poisoned" (1)
  • Issues:
    • Isolation 2 - You’re drifting a little bit apart from everyone…
    • Sickness 1 - Some kind of unpleasant stuff’s happened…
    • Something To Deal With 1 - There’s something nagging at you…
  • Unused XP
    • 5
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