Nahbast, Opener Of The Shadowed Gate

No man can command me, no cage hold me, for I am Nahbast, Opener of the Shadowed Gate!
A character in the Rustic Vale: The Long Spring campaign.

Occupation: None
Hobby: Puppetry
Favorite Foods: None
Age: ???
Trinket of Choice: Mysterious iron key


  • Normal Health: 2
  • Tough Health: 1/1
  • Will: 8


  • Superior Animated Skeleton 3
  • Sneak 2
  • Puppetry 1
  • Necromancy 2
  • Waiting His Turn -1

Necromancy, the Grey Art

Non-magical techniques

[Obstacle 0] Read the common, ancient languages of the Grey Art
[Obstacle 0] Identify bones and other remains

Magical techniques

[Obstacle 1] Speak with the recent dead or with ghosts
[Obstacle 1] Sense how long a corpse has been dead for
[Obstacle 1] Sense nearby corpses, ghosts, and people/animals on the verge of death
[Obstacle 2+] Speak with the long dead
[Obstacle 2] Animate a skeleton (lacks free will and intelligence)
[Obstacle 2] Command a skeleton
[Obstacle 3] Wake and bind a corpse or ghost into your service
[Obstacle 3] Graft bones or corpse pieces together into new unlife

Arc Traits

  • Bond [2]: I’m burned by hallowed ground and consecrated gates, walls, and borders.
  • Affliction [0]: My soul is forged from dark, otherworldly flame!


  • Connection: [2] - The Castle of Eternal Night
  • Connection: [1] - Scarlet Dunn


  • None yet



  • Current Arc: A Monster of Rustic Vale (Otherworldly) (0)

Arc XP: 0/72
Free XP: 0

XP Actions (0/2 Used)

  • Emotion XP: Umm…
  • Genre:

Basic Quest: Peer Into the Unseen (Passionate)

0 out of 9 XP

Arc 1: Quest "Someone Like Me (Peaceful)"

0 out of 21 XP


3 XP Actions [0/0]:

  • You spend a full day just enjoying the company of

your Mentor.

  • Your Mentor leaves for a while, and delegates a major

task to you.

  • You convince another monster to come and learn

from your Mentor, and they just don’t get it.

You can earn any of these bonuses once, up to a total of 9 XP.

1 XP/Chapter Actions

  • You wistfully watch someone who’s better at this

than you are.

*You share a secret with your Mentor.

*Someone compliments you on your work.

*You try to work on your fascination, but it all goes

*You have a moment of crisis and threaten to
abandon the entire concept.

*A project that you’re working on is ruined.

Side Quest:

0 out of 0 XP


3 XP Actions:

You can earn up to two of these bonuses, once each, for a total of up to 0 XP.

1 XP/Chapter Actions

Completed Quests

  • None


A story.

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[size=1]Emotion XP
Will 8/8; special effects[/size]
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