Jakob the Absolver

Its name is Lawlessness

Its heralds are…

  • …Rains of salt from a clouded, lightless sky;
  • …Tumbling angels, temples in the sky and a preponderance of sacred things;
  • …visions of your guilt, whether real or imagined

Its weapons are…

  • …A corrosive, infectious guilt;
  • … All the seas and oceans of the world-that-once-was;
  • ???

You turn it aside by…

  • Owning up to your sins
  • Building walls to hold it out
  • ???

It kills you by…

  • …cleansing away your faults, and washing away your sins, until they are all gone, until there is nothing left at all but only the sinless; only Jacob the Absolver, whose name is Lawlessness…and you are forgiven.
  • …plunging the Heavens down to earth, drowning all in it's hubris.
  • * ???

It is drawn to…

  • … your sins;
  • …memories of lost things once held sacred;
  • ???

It hungers for…

  • …the shattering of walls and dynasties;
  • ???
  • ???

You may kill it by…

  • …holding up the sky under your own strength from sunrise to sunset.
  • …an act of wicked recklessness and true audacity.
  • ???

It is reborn …

  • …from the ashes of the innocent, burnt for sins they didn't commit;
  • ???
  • ???

You may escape its attention by…

  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
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