Miramie Mesmer Metal Fatigue

The Dream-Witch

Name: Miramie Mesmer
Academics Skill: Above average
Sports Skill: Above average
Favorite foods: Sweet rice dumplings, stew, salt mackerel, yakitori, red tea
Allergies: All fruits except sour apples
Blood Type: A
Animal: Boar
Age: Indeterminate, appears roughly 17

Favorite Scenes:

  • Starting my own business: A 24-Hour pie shop!
  • Getting worked up about the fact that I can't sleep, and most of the coffee in Town is awful!
  • Retreating to my hidden room. Sometimes it's all a little too much for me.

Mundane Abilities


  • Grace 2 - You move well, you move quietly, you’re good at traditional things, and you look good in formal wear.
  • Alertness 1 - You’re vaguely aware of your environment.
  • Crafts 1 - You’re familiar with making masks and shaping glass.
  • Domestic Tasks 1. - You’re familiar with cooking, cleaning, and the like.
  • Arts 0 - You’re not comfortable when you experiment too much with your art.
  • Changeling 2 - You’re not human, but you’re able to seem human.
  • Superior Dreamer 1 - You’re a lucid dreamer, and good at coping with strange things.


  • Treasure Bond 1 - I must honor the debt I owe to Professor Hayashi.
  • Treasure Bond 1 - I am drawn to something or someone yet to be named.
  • Connection: The Wishing Girl 3 - You have a mysterious connection to the wishing girl.
  • Connection: Nightmares’ Angel 1 - You just feel like he’s a good person under the attitude, that and he makes you laugh.
  • Connection: The Archive 1 - You’re familiar with the Archive.
  • Connection: Fortitude 1 - You’re a Fortitude girl.

Miraculous Arcs and Powers

Accursed (2)

The Hidden Room

The World-Breaker's Hand

That which has been expunged from reality by the power of the World-Breaker's Hand

  • The heaviness of Leonardo de Montreal's Dust Gathering Maw
  • An ocean, which had been dreamt of by Shokyou

*The laugh of Billy Sovereign

Strategist Shard

Who You Were

Create Minions

Create Twisted Spaces

Sentimental (1)

Craft: Mask Making


Miraculous Ease
You have a limited access to your pool of miraculous Will; if you are taking actions either for, with, or to express your feelings for the Wishing Girl or the Archive of Professor Hideo Hayashi, you also have access to your pool of 3 miraculous Will.

Miraculous Will replenishes when you complete, or are in a scene with someone who completes, an in-genre XP Action.

The Dream-Witch's Shadow

Lend Spirit

A Waking Dream

The Treasure's Call

A Keeper of Treasures

A Maker of Wonders

Quests and XP

Emotion XP: pity, empathy or comfort

Current Arc: Accursed 3

Arc Power: Sickly
You are prone to trials, and your life is a sorrowful thing. Once per session you may take a Suffer (Trauma or Corruption) XP Action, and raise your Sickness Issue by 1.


Under Siege 9XP Quest

You’re plagued. You’re harassed. There’s something fundamentally wrong with the world. Maybe it’s that you don’t have enough money. Maybe it’s this degenerate modern age. Maybe it’s that people around you aren’t reading enough, or that they’re always getting hurt and suffering, or that people are too lax with their use of terms like “ironic” and “literally.”


once per scene:

  • 1XP: You can earn a bonus XP for this quest when you show that you’ve been pushed too far on this or otherwise bring your peeve and sense of persecution-by-the-world and everything-is-falling-apart into play. Do so by emphasizing your twitching eye.

Pie Place and Coffee Shop 21XP Quest

Once per scene:

  • 1XP: Your mask of innocence slips, allowing the other characters to see how Suspicious you are

The Hidden Room 21XP Quest

This world! — everything falls apart. It’s all unworthy. It’s hard to deal with everything and over time, things get messier and messier and the world gets stormier and more chaotic around you and you start finding bits of glass and multicolored dust everywhere and masks start appearing on the walls even though nobody hung them there and the voice of Melanie Malakh starts whispering in your mind.

When it gets to be too much, you retreat into your hidden room up near the top of the archives. The books start to fade into a labyrinth and the labyrinth into the Outside — but if you go left instead of right, just when things start getting trippy — the path is almost invisible in the leaning stacks — you won’t wind up in the Outside. You’ll wind up in a place that’s just yours, instead.

Then go past the scary remnants and memories of who you used to be, and make another left, and there — delicate, beautiful, organized, and bathed in sunlight through a beautiful window of Hayashi glass — is your private little library. Your hidden room, full of all the memories and ideas and keepsakes and bits of being that make you you.

You think that’s how you made yourself into yourself after the glass dragon broke.

You think this is where you came from.

You’re afraid to spend too much time there. You’re afraid of it being too good, too distracting, too peaceful, too neat. It refreshes you, but you’re afraid of coming out again to find that ten or fifteen years have once again slipped you by.

Once per Quest:
The HG can award you 3 XP towards this quest when:

  • Others stumble on your hidden room.
  • You establish a reason why you need the hidden room — why it’s sustaining you, why you’d be at risk without it.
  • You establish a reason why the hidden room is hurting you, breaking you, damaging your ability to live an ordinary life.

Once Per Chapter:
You can earn 1XP towards this quest by:

  • guiding someone through the Archive
  • talking with somebody about your hidden room
  • talking with somebody about what dreams are, as compared to reality;
  • talking with somebody about whether the world deserves to exist, whether it’s good or bad, or whether that even matters.
  • get in a row with somebody over/about your hidden room
  • refusing to retreat to your hidden room, even though things are very bad. Or
  • retreating to your hidden room.


6/8 Will
0/3 Miraculous Will
6/7 Miracle Points

2/2 Divine Health Levels
1/1 Tough Health Levels
2/2 Normal Health Levels

Under Siege 0/9
Pie Place and Coffee Shop 2/21
The Hidden Room 6/21

Trust 1
Isolation 1
Calling 1


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