So my character is named Mimi. She's a Fox-Ear who lives in Arcadia and attends School because it's honestly the only school for girls her age in Town. She's been learning her native magic for most of her life, and rather excels at it, because she's got incredibly potent Fox Spirit blood running through her veins. Recently, she has found herself encountering monsters from the Outside far more regularly than most other residents of Town, causing all manner of mischief that she finds herself compelled to stop!

Mimi's family runs a small shrine in Arcadia. It's not very big or spiritually significant, and they're not a real "Shrine Family", but it is said to be blessed by some manner of "Luck" spirit. Probably a Fox-Spirit.

Academic: Could be better.
Athletic: Could be better.
Blood Type: B-
Animal: …Fox.
Favourite Food: Fried tofu.

Arcs: Immortal Aspect (Magical Hero) 1
Current Arc: Immortal Aspect (Magical Hero)
Basic Quest: Exciting! (You're fighting against bleak forces, and you get really worked up over it. Well, you do, or the world does. Ridiculous, absurd things happen. Things get hectic. You earn a bonus XP toward this quest at any time (once per scene) when your quest, or its consequences, or what you do about it gets a little Over The Top. Or, for that matter, when you decide to make them a little over the top.) (0/10 XP)
XP Emotion: "Putting my Trust in You"

Current Quests: Shrine Duties (21 XP, Aspect 1 Quest, you fulfill the ritual functions associated with your shrine, playing a part in sacred dances and festivals, tending shrine-related gods, doing blessings and exorcisms and making/selling fortunes and good-luck charms.)

The HG can award you 3 XP towards this quest when…

  • Someone tries to set you up (romantically) with a relative or friend of theirs;
  • Someone seeks you out and asks you to perform an exorcism or cleansing;
  • You participate in some costumed event or dance at a festival.

You can earn each bonus once, for a total of up to 9 XP.

Once per week, you can earn a bonus XP towards this quest through:

  • having tea with a friend at your shrine
  • selling fortunes and good luck charms
  • performing a sacred dance or shrine-related ceremony at a wedding
  • advising visitors to the shrine and/or making offerings on their behalf
  • purifying the dust of the Outside
  • helping to prepare the grounds of a shrine for a festival
  • performing a special seasonal ritual (e.g., something done in spring to help bless the crops)

You can combine this with an XP Action, but you’re not required to.

Superior Fox-Ears 1
Fox-Eared Magic (Fire and Lightning) 3
Shopkeeping 2
Being Generally Cute 1
Fox-Style Kung Fu 1
Academics 0

Bond: "I always keep promises." (Fox-Eared Magic ban) (Bond 2)
Affliction: "Bleak monsters keep showing up in my life and spreading mischief!" (Affliction tied to Magical Hero.)
Connection 1: Jane Smith (Everyone knows Jane!)
Connection 1: Kurama Ruza (Miko have to stick together.)

Enemy: Bleak powers of bad luck and mischief.

Arc Abilities:
Immortal (More spirit than human - sometimes harm just passes right through her.)
Wild Magic (This is the only way Mimi can reliably use Transformation or Perception Fox-Ear magic, although it never really seems to help.)
Secrets (Mimi meditates with a good luck charm or something else dedicated to the Luck Spirit of her family shrine.)
Shield (A wall of lightning and flames, that wards against misfortune and Bleak monsters)
Raw Magic (Mimi's aura has the shape of a fox rather than a human, composed of lightning and fire that sometimes causes highly flammable objects to spontaneously ignite.)

Divine [] []
Tough []
Normal [] []

Will: 8
MP: 5

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