Superior Parliament Of Rooks

Maybe you were pecked to death by evil corvids, but your spirit was so strong that you possessed them? Or something.

  • Superior Parliament of Rooks 0: You are not a bunch of birds. That's dumb. Stop that.
  • Superior Parliament of Rooks 1: Your dreams are birds that fly far and wide. You can spit out a bird if you really really try.
  • Superior Parliament of Rooks 2: You can make birds appear like a magician and see through their eyes. If you jump, your birds might be able to carry you a short ways.
  • Superior Parliament of Rooks 3: You can become a flock of dozens of birds. You can't split up very much, staying in a fairly tight area, but you can move with speed and alacrity. It's hard, though, keeping all those little minds pointing in the same direction.
  • Superior Parliament of Rooks 4: Your flock body can split, easily. You can pour your mind through the flock, controlling them all without apparent trouble.
  • Superior Parliament of Rooks 5: You are the Apocalypse Swarm, blocking out the sun with black feathers and terrible squawking. You can reform from only one or two birds, if need be.

created by MrPrim on RPGnet

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