Superior Mirrorborn

Maybe you're a mirror-spirit, or your mom or dad was. Maybe you popped out of the mirror that reflected the truth of the Glass Dragon. Maybe you were a bizarre Deviant Science experiment with twins! You may look human, but part of you - maybe most of you - belongs in the mirror-realm and follows its rules.

  • Superior Mirrorborn 0: You can see your reflection, unless there’s something in the way.
  • Superior Mirrorborn 1: You notice things in mirrors that most people wouldn’t, and can keep track of your way in a hall of mirrors - the reflections don’t bother you. Mirrors won't break when you hit them - they flex or splash, and you can sometimes curve or twist them without breaking them. You’re pretty good at faking being someone near you, someone you can see. Your reflection sometimes acts on its own.
  • Superior Mirrorborn 2: What you see in mirrors is almost like a real world to you. You can reach into mirrors to put things in or pull out objects' reflections, or even move things by moving their reflections. With effort, you can distort a thing by distorting its reflection in a mirror. You can talk to your reflection, and even step into mirrors or highly reflective surfaces, though it’s not always so easy to get back out again, and you might end up in the Outside. When you've got a line of sight to someone, you can imitate their posture, tone of voice, and style exactly.
  • Superior Mirrorborn 3: You can step in and out of mirrors freely, and even bring your mirror image out into the real world to act on their own (though they’ll need to go back eventually, and may possess notable personality differences or inversions.) You notice the tiniest reflections and can slip into them without effort. If you’re in a mirror, you can become someone else’s reflection, then step out again looking like them. You can make yourself mirror-reflective. You can transport yourself to anywhere that’s reflected in a mirror you see, or bounce yourself off of a series of mirrors to end up a long way off.
  • Superior Mirrorborn 4: You can distort yourself as if you were in the world’s largest funhouse mirror, stretching and compressing impossibly. You can make dozens of copies of yourself from mirror images. By turning around in a mirror you can mirror-image yourself, reversing your chirality, your handedness, and the direction you part your hair. You can grow enormous by reflecting yourself at the right angle in a large enough reflective surface, like Big Lake, and diving in. You can bounce light off of yourself and focus it down to a point by cupping your hand around it. When you step into a mirror, you recover instantly from injuries and transformations which aren’t reflected in it.
  • Superior Mirrorborn 5: You can create an army of reflections of yourself, limited only by how fast they can jump out of the available mirror square footage. Your ‘house of mirrors’ distortions can cover miles. You can step into a mirror and experience events that it has reflected in the past. You can make a mirror reflect things which aren’t actually there, or reflect someone’s emotional state, greatest fears, etc. You can step into people's reflective moods. You can become two-dimensional at will.
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