Superior Jumping

"Looks like I'm gonna have to jump!"

Some people are natural jumpers. Most people can jump — well, unless they're elephants, or sentient firetrucks, or squids (and even then, there's still a chance) — but some people are more at home in the air than on the ground.

Maybe they're descended from a Kangaroo Spirit, or they've mastered the Long-Stride Technique of the Monopode Monks of Shoallum, or maybe they're a talking grasshopper in a tiny hat. Whatever the reason, someone with Superior Jumping is a master of getting AIR.

  • Superior Jumping -1: You are physically incapable of jumping, either due to being confined to a wheelchair, being morbidly obese, or due to a multi-generational curse placed on your family by a gypsy.
  • Superior Jumping 0: You can likely jump. That is an ability you probably have.
  • Superior Jumping 1: You've got slightly mad ups. You probably get picked first in most pick-up basketball games.
  • Superior Jumping 2: You can wall jump, win the Olympic High Jump, and probably make MJ go "Damn". You are, for the most part, a Super Mario Brother.
  • Superior Jumping 3: You can jump to anywhere within the same Region in a single bound. You can jump like the Incredible Hulk. Final Fantasy Dragoons have nothing on you.
  • Superior Jumping 4: You can jump anywhere in the universe. Another region? Another country? The moon? It doesn't matter; as long as there's nothing in your way, you can get there by jumping.
  • Superior Jumping 5: You are no longer limited to jumping in a paltry three dimensions. You can leap into dreams. You can leap through time. You can even jump to conclusions!
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