Superior God-King

Whether you're a demigod of ancient Sumeria, or the immortal God-Emperor of Mankind, the Superior God-King skill lets you enact larger than life feats befitting someone of your status.

  • Superior God-King -1: You have about as much power and authority as the Burger King. People laugh at you behind your back as you parade around in your silly hat, challenging kittens to wrestling matches because you're too weak to fight anything else.
  • Superior God-King 0: You are merely a commoner, and a mortal one at that. Though you may go on to do many great things, you can never reach the heights of a god.
  • Superior God-King 1: It's might just be a fancy title, but it's one that grants you some measure of respect. Not to mention that you're probably in remarkably good shape; not enough to take down Humbaba, but you can at least defend yourself from any assassins that come your way.
  • Superior God-King 2: You could probably give Grendel a run for his money at this point, even if you discount your legion of followers waiting on your every beck and call.
  • Superior God-King 3: At this point your subjects are actually starting to worship you. And why shouldn't they? Your exploits are world famous, with your strength and combat prowess being without equal. Sure, there are people who might be more powerful than you, but are they kings? I thought not.
  • Superior God-King 4: The line between "god" and "king" starts to become increasingly blurry at this point. Are you a god in mortal form? A mortal who has reached the divine?
  • Superior God-King 5: Even the gods themselves bow before your might! Merely say the word, and the elements themselves bow before you! And combat? HA! At this point the question isn't "will he win" so much as "what awesome way will he win this time"?
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