Superior Dragon

Maybe you drank of a dragon's blood, or bound the spirit of a dragon within you. Maybe you woke up the furious, greedy dragon-nature of your own heart. Or most likely, you just have a dragon in your ancestry. This kind of dragon doesn't represent a wise and celestial creature, but the sort of fantastic, gold-hoarding beasts familiar to fairy tales and Western fantasy.

  • Superior Dragon 0: You neither have scales, nor horns, nor wings. You may have bad breath.
  • Superior Dragon 1: Your body temperature is warmer than average. Your nails are unnaturally tough and keen, and you've got an intimidating glare. Your skin is tough; road rash doesn't happen to you, and it’s possible you have a few patches of scales. You have a keen eye for appraising monetary value and getting a feel for someone’s net worth.
  • Superior Dragon 2: Your skin is tough enough to resist low-caliber gunfire, and probably scaled in places. You may have tough horns or spikes growing from your head. If you exhale hard, you can breathe a gout of fire like a campfire, or maybe something else like lightning or cold if you’re that kind of dragon. You can’t fly, per se, but you can levitate or glide, possibly with smallish wings that unfurl from your back.
  • Superior Dragon 3: You’re a dragon. You can breathe fire like a flamethrower and your skin is tough as a knight’s armor. You can fly like a bird or a bat, though much larger, and you inspire awe and fear all out of proportion to your size. With a deep breath and a few flicks of your tongue you can sniff out anything precious around you.
  • Superior Dragon 4: You’re a legendary dragon, an icon of dread. Your flames can slag steel, stone, and concrete, or burn the dross from ore and leave only molten metal behind. You can smell magic and valuables for miles, and can unerringly track anything stolen from you. Your hide is tougher than a tank’s, and you fly as fast as an early warplane.
  • Superior Dragon 5: You’re some kind of ur-dragon. The flames of your breath can sear holes in the sky and sea, or burn a memory out of someone’s mind. You fly like a tempest, and the shadow of your wings or the glow of your eyes can break all but the greatest heroes with terror. Your scales are utterly impenetrable, save (perhaps) for a single weak spot.
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