You know what Arthur C. Clarke said, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

  • [Obstacle 0] Identify that something is a piece of hyper advanced technology.
  • [Obstacle 0] Determine the function of a piece of technology.
  • [Obstacle 1] Communicate with an active piece of hyper advanced technology
  • [Obstacle 1] Activate (but not control) a piece of hyper advanced technology.

True Technomancers, however, can unlock far more.

  • [Obstacle 1] Cloak yourself from technological detection
  • [Obstacle 1] Wireless-ly control any mundane piece of technology
  • [Obstacle 2] Provide wireless power to nearby mundane technology
  • [Obstacle 2] Destroy a piece of nearby mundane technology
  • [Obstacle 2] "Jack" into a piece of technology, allowing you to use its senses (or vice versa)
  • [Obstacle 2] Pull a MacGyver, and build a super-scientific gadget out of a collection of ordinary objects.
  • [Obstacle 3] Animate a piece of technology into a loyal servitor
  • [Obstacle 3] Drastically change or enhance the form or function of a piece of technology
  • [Obstacle 4] Fix a piece of technology just by kicking it in the right place.
  • [Obstacle 5] Perform technomancy on concepts and ideas, rather than physical technology (i.e. taking control of the idea of robots, or destroying the concept of weaponry.)
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