Paradox Replay
Places and Times I Have Been
* Everywhere and Everywhen I've been up to this point.
Places and Times I Haven't Been (Yet)

Boy, have the Time Guardians got some choice words for you! You seem to think Time is only a suggestion!

Above is your Timeline. Once per Chapter, you may make a wish to travel to some point on your Timeline. That wish usually takes the format:

  • I wish I was in <Place and Time>, again, for a little while!

When you make this wish, you, generally, appear in that time as yourself, effectively letting you "rewind" what you've done in the past. You can stay in your new time for a scene before you snap back to the present. Any dramatic changes to the time-stream should be adjudicated as a wish, with all of the usual techniques for resisting or mitigating the effects.

As a baseline, you can jump back to any point in time that you've previously experienced. Work with the HG to figure out what sorts of things you did "off-screen" or before the story began that might be interesting to jump back to.

Of course, sometimes you just have to be somewhere you weren't or some time you've never been. You can add such points to your Timeline usually by undertaking Quests. Examples of the sorts of Quests that could be appropriate for this task could be Adventuring into Memory, Visiting the Kichi Pools, or Spending Time in Bluebell Park. As a rule of thumb, a 15-20pt Quest is suitable for going to a time where you existed but a place you didn't, while a 25-30pt Quest is more appropriate for travels to the Far Past or Future.

Alternately, the HG can always add a point to your Timeline if they REALLY want you to jump there or otherwise think it would be appropriate. I would be careful, if I were you.

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