Official Miraculous Arcs

This page compiles content related to the official Miraculous Arcs.

Released Arcs

These are all Patreon-funded draft arcs that Jenna Moran has posted to Tumblr.

  • (Blue) Bindings Arcs
    • Gatekeeper (Immortality) (PDF) - An arc1 for characters who stand as intermediaries between humanity and something else—some Other that is harmful, malevolent, or alien.
    • Renegade (Frantic) - An arc1 for clever schemers and users of magic or superscience, who stand at the edges of society and deal with bad things so other people don't have to.
  • (Orange) Knight Arcs
    • Allegory (Immortality) - An arc for legendary characters who can be spoken of as the embodiment of a concept, emotion, or ideal—characters straight out of a passion play.
  • (Green) Otherworldly Arcs
    • Called Away (Sickly) (PDF) - An arc for characters who find themselves drawn away from the normal world into a place of heightened reality.
  • (Red) Storyteller Arcs
    • Self-Made (Sickly) - An arc1 for those whose sheer force of will allows them to command other people and determine what they should do, not do, and even become.
  • (Gold) Aspect Arcs
    • Magical Hero (Immortality) - An arc1 for master magicians, powerful psychics, and magical girls.
    • Specialist (Sickly) - An arc for masters of a single trick, theme, or element which has a secret world built around it.
  • (Purple) Shepherd Arcs
    • Of A Certain Place (Sickly) - An arc1 for travelers or crusaders of distant lands, who bring with them a dark or unnatural element and who use strange treasures in unhealthy ways.
  • (Silver) Emptiness Arcs
    • Alchemist (Frantic) - An arc for those who can extract something from the world and make it their own.
    • Indomitable (Immortality) - An arc1 for people who develop a single overwhelming quality from some dark source, and gain related monstrous powers.
  • (Black) Mystic Arcs
    • Awakening (Sickly) - An arc1 for characters who are the avatar or incarnation of something else. Has substantial overlap with its predecessor, Visionary.
    • Knave of Hearts (Frantic) - An arc1 for larger-than-life characters who impose their own mythos/story/theme upon the world around them.
    • Prophet (Frantic) - An arc1 for characters who are agents of a higher principle.
    • Visionary (Sickly) - An arc1 for the enlightened, who realize that this world is a false one, and gain great magical power because of this.

1 These arcs have been posted, but in multiple parts — they have yet to be collected in a single post.

Updated Corebook Arcs

These are all corebook Arcs Jenna has updated and posted to Tumblr.

1 These updates have been posted, but in multiple parts — they have yet to be collected in a single post.


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Fan Resources

  • Miraculous Arcs (PDF) - All of the official arcs, each with a two-line summary. Also available in ODT format. Includes Patreon-funded arcs (marked with a *) up to Indomitable.
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