Official Miraculous Arcs

This page compiles content related to the official Miraculous Arcs.

Released Arcs

These are all Patreon-funded draft arcs that Jenna Moran has posted to Tumblr.

  • (Blue) Bindings Arcs
    • Gatekeeper (Immortality) (PDF) - An arc1 for characters who stand as intermediaries between humanity and something else—some Other that is harmful, malevolent, or alien.
    • Renegade (Frantic) - An arc1 for clever schemers and users of magic or superscience, who stand at the edges of society and deal with bad things so other people don't have to. Currently renamed Troubled and reassigned as Frantic Emptiness.
  • (Orange) Knight Arcs
    • Allegory (Immortality) - An arc for legendary characters who can be spoken of as the embodiment of a concept, emotion, or ideal—characters straight out of a passion play.
  • (Green) Otherworldly Arcs
    • Called Away (Sickly) (PDF) - An arc for characters who find themselves drawn away from the normal world into a place of heightened reality.
  • (Red) Storyteller Arcs
    • Self-Made (Sickly) - An arc1 for those whose sheer force of will allows them to command other people and determine what they should do, not do, and even become. Currently renamed Impresario and reassigned as Sickly Shepherd.
  • (Gold) Aspect Arcs
    • Magical Hero (Immortality) - An arc1 for master magicians, powerful psychics, and magical girls. Currently renamed Chosen One.
    • Specialist (Sickly) - An arc for masters of a single trick, theme, or element which has a secret world built around it. Currently renamed Gatecrasher and reassigned as Frantic Bindings.
  • (Purple) Shepherd Arcs
    • Of A Certain Place (Sickly) - An arc1 for travelers or crusaders of distant lands, who bring with them a dark or unnatural element and who use strange treasures in unhealthy ways. Currently dropped as an official arc.
  • (Silver) Emptiness Arcs
    • Alchemist (Frantic) - An arc for those who can extract something from the world and make it their own. Currently renamed Creature of Delirium and reassigned as Sickly Storyteller.
    • Indomitable (Immortality) - An arc1 for people who develop a single overwhelming quality from some dark source, and gain related monstrous powers.
  • (Black) Mystic Arcs
    • Awakening (Sickly) - An arc1 for characters who are the avatar or incarnation of something else. Has substantial overlap with its predecessor, Visionary.
    • Knave of Hearts (Frantic) - An arc1 for larger-than-life characters who impose their own mythos/story/theme upon the world around them. Currently renamed Star Quality and reassigned as Sickly Knight.
    • Prophet (Frantic) - An arc1 for characters who are agents of a higher principle.
    • Visionary (Sickly) - An arc1 for the enlightened, who realize that this world is a false one, and gain great magical power because of this. Currently dropped as an official arc.

1 These arcs have been posted, but in multiple parts — they have yet to be collected in a single post.

Updated Corebook Arcs

These are all corebook Arcs Jenna has updated and posted to Tumblr.

1 These updates have been posted, but in multiple parts — they have yet to be collected in a single post.


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Fan Resources

  • Miraculous Arcs (PDF) - All of the official arcs, each with a two-line summary. Also available in ODT format. Includes Patreon-funded arcs (marked with a *) up to Indomitable.
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