Mist Magic

Mist Magic is an art of misdirection and obfuscation. Only the most difficult techniques can make anything solid out of it, and nothing made with mist magic is ever really permanent. However, it's very good for hiding things, confusing people, and keeping track of things.

Mist Magic has a few non-magical techniques which anyone can learn or imitate, even without the magical Skill:

  • [Obstacle 0] Perceive through mist, cloud, and fog better than most people.
  • [Obstacle 1] Track people through mist or fog by the eddies they leave behind.

More potent and supernatural effects can be accomplished only by magic:

  • [Obstacle 1] Perceive through mist, cloud, and fog unhindered.
  • [Obstacle 1] Call up a localized mist or fog which dims sight and muffles sound, or disperse a localized cloud.
  • [Obstacle 1] Make simple, lingering fog-shapes with your hands or mind.
  • [Obstacle 1] Cause something to 'drip' wisps of fog for a while, which you can follow like breadcrumbs.
  • [Obstacle 2] Make detailed, static shapes of fog which will last for a while as recognizable silhouettes or models.
  • [Obstacle 2] Summon up a partially tangible 'fog-squid' as a guide or watcher.
  • [Obstacle 2] Walk on thick clouds as if they were spongy solids.
  • [Obstacle 2] Call up or disperse a large, concealing fogbank.
  • [Obstacle 2] Call up a localized ‘hiding’ mist which befuddles the senses of those who enter it.
  • [Obstacle 3] Animate fog-shapes indistinguishable from the real thing through more than a yard or two of fog.
  • [Obstacle 3] Fly on a small cloud.
  • [Obstacle 3] Create a wide bank of fog so thick that it significantly impedes movement.
  • [Obstacle 3] Call up a mist which misdirects anyone who enters it such that they exit the way they came in, or cannot find something inside.

Often, mist magicians will find themselves a bit foggy-headed themselves, or more inclined to lassitude or melancholy. Some have a distinct reluctance to give clear answers to questions. Common Bonds for mist magicians include:

  • Bond: I'm always a bit of a downer.
  • Bond: Nothing could really be that urgent.
  • Bond: Sometimes even real things look grey and misty to me.
  • Bond: Things always get a bit… soggy… when I'm around.
  • Bond: I don't like to speak up.
  • Bond: I'm a bit obsessed with the shapes that clouds make.
  • Bond: Sometimes I forget important things. Oh well!
  • Bond: Clear, sunny days irritate me.
  • Bond: I talk in riddles, ambiguous statements, and generalizations.
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